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Keeping Us Okay

Happy #SoulfulSunday Father’s Day & #CureGP Journey I like many of the community face “life in the #chronic community” – earlier in the week I thought I was going to be able to share an advocacy post with the community (once I recovered from some quite disturbing side-effects from a new medication) I prefer to stay on the Positive- optimistic side of the journey- why? 1- it is my innate nature 2- it is a better way to survive our chronic illnesses which for many of us are incurable invisible diseases but will -through our advocacy journey- find #Cures.
Here is what I would like to share. I was dx in 1999 and am well acquainted with insurance and COBRA when a job ends then we must transfer to another insurance- not only do we have complex dx’s but in some cases complex insurance situations mine may be slightly more so than some but I am not special. We had been trying very hard to get information from my hubby’s prior employer about his work purchases insurance which covered me and the severance pay out with the last check along with the time frame for insurance coverage. We knew it was going to be close the end of our current to the beginning of the new insurance with Hubby’s new job. But we received a packet saying we had 4 days. We thought we had solved our issue. BUT THERE ARE SCAMMERS YALL — WHO LIE WITHOUT A QUALM ABOUT DOING SO— Thank you God for Grace because my infusion company requires the insurance to billed daily. Why is this GRACE ??? Because this is how we found out the medical insurance Hubby asked (I heard him) about IV infusions (he explained the entire situation) were not covered.. they had discount coupons for that. Then I was told we did not have Rx coverage but a life insurance plan — NO THEY straight up lied. They had a discount coupon package we could logon and access. So we cancelled everything with a threat of calling the attorney general still believe we will. But I want y’all to know NCE ELITE care under the heading of a BCBS. Is not what they represent them selves to be and they locked down our credit card with a 1cent charge trying to do these unapproved charges of plans we did not consent to in any way. We then went ahead and did the COBRA we did not want to go this way because of the cost many of you are well aware of at approximately $1700 for a month all of which we do not even need. Yet, because of the specialized needs required of care? There was not another option. Then I also want to share with you the mental calming I needed to do stay in a healthy place. Because I was (still am) mentally exhausted and at the edge of my brain was creeping “if you were not such a problem, a burden, this would not have happened.” I had to check myself from this unhealthy course. Because if a car engine blows up – we know we have deal with it. It is not anyone’s fault. No one “did” anything to cause -this situation most especially me. So yes I had to check these thoughts. There is more I will share but I wanted to get this down and tell all I love and put each of you in the #PeaceBoat daily and in the evening – but time has taught me we are really not of any service to others without serving ourselves first. The engine? Or brain? Both has to be attended to right? Peace, love, comfort, prayers to all