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Clearing Some GPCrabgrass

How do you move away from a mindset which tries to invade your mental health like a yard with crabgrass. When living with chronic incurable invisible illnesses your psyche at some point (if you achieve survival warrior status) will begin to hear those words at the edge of your brain saying “burden, if, others, this isn’t fair, we used to, this is all I .. etc) when life begins to do what it usually does come bringing storms in multiple story levels? And a part of these storms involve large amounts of money on an already tight budget due to chronic. In these moments? Your mental health, must be carefully cared about and tended to like there has been physical body blow. We must shut these words down. If a car engine blew up it wouldn’t be a question of its burden- no it would be a situation which had to be handled… and no you do not get to rebound the car engine into your personal chronic- it is a stand alone car engine. Just as it is if you heard your neighbor’s air conditioner went out – it has to be handled and it is not in any way a part of our journey… (like if you have the mental crabgrass which is trying cause anxiety and saying if your incurable illness wasn’t here you could help – the aforementioned fictional neighbor- let me help – Be Blessed to be a warrior and do not create mental angst of going backwards and thereby growing fertilizing the mental anxiety) but air conditioner’s and car engines do not trigger pessimistic negativity with a torrent of words in nibbling away at our mental health like crabgrass. Ending it quickly is our mental health weed killer keeping us calm peaceful cool rolling along as our true warrior selves do to the best of our abilities. I share this because a particular group of storms reminded me of the effectiveness of keeping myself calm in the #Peaceboat after being in a mental exhausting situation from side effects of a medication causing peripheral hallucinations along with numerous other effects. So dealing with a scamming insurance company requiring us to get COBRA caused all kinds of problems. I had never experienced this type of side effect (hallucination). I shared in another post about the scammer who we found thinking it was a part of BCBS but it was NCE and straight up lied about the coverage. So as hubby and I dealt with the issue- him speaking – me praying- while trying to keep the “mental crabgrass” in check. So I share all of this to hopefully help another be able to move through angst and stay in the #PeaceBoat