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Chronic Strategy

What are we doing in the #Chronic World on this #TubieTuesday? Do you have a strategy for managing your –> perhaps numerous incurable invisible illlnesses? Over the years I have developed one.. it is no #Expectations what? Right? And will this work for everyone? no! Will it in variations? Yes it will. You are speaking to a former “people pleaser” I am still a “people peacer – bridge builder” but others choices and what happens in the world is not my personal responsibility while levels of exhaustion are building by the day. And me “putting on a good face” then immediately “melting” into a puddle after leaving everyone’s presence but Hubby? When my reserve tanks are continually being depleted??? No it was time for some serious dx’d serious prayer, contemplation and strategy — my realty was my insides and energy cells which sent and processed info (mitochondrial energy cells- I would not find this out until much later) to my body was failing me bit by bit. So as I was finding a rhythm to what I could do to be in the least amount symptoms- while coming to understand sipping liquids and taking very small sips of smoothies or soups or bites of certain things because of their density — reason being? While I pray every single day for the personal device which allows for us to scan our internal digestive tract with a readout and in this readout it reveals what is sitting in the stomach, small intestine, large intestine… therefore… we would know our careful sipping the day before and few bites? They are still sitting there. We must sip clear liquids today to avoid any increase in symptoms or bile forming to build up and create a great deal of pain. So as I go back to my strategy- because I do not know entirely what is going inside of me? How can I know what I am going to do? Throw in chronic migraines.. my best strategy is to not add stress to my life by “putting on a good face” then “pretending” I have a body with reserve tanks or is unaffected by years of dehydration & malnutrition…
But despite all of that high dose of reality I remain positive & optimistic–
How? It is the only option! Choose strategies which allow you to be and people which bring positive thoughts and shared optimism to reinforce these thoughts to you.
#PeaceBoat – prayers & love
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