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#Green4GP lights #CureGP

#Green4GP lights #CureGP

We have #Green4GP lights exploding in our Community right now —> Ms Raven Walton is on CBS’s Big Brother #PacerPower #TeamRaven #BB19 Yes our lights are “all the way up!” All lights readying— > Not hiding under the bushel in any way!
Cheering Raven, supporting her and Stacy, along with family & friends. Never ever underestimate the power of a dream or the determination of those who are battling an Incurable Illness in pursuit of a dream.

We are all unique with varying degrees of invisible incurable illnesses no two alike. We are spreading Awareness about Motility Disorders, each day, more understanding is attained as well as an educated mind about a very complex multi organ system often affected by multiple incurable diseases. Similar to a person fighting and surviving cancer? Some go in & out of remission. Some are able to have a protocol done and do not revisit the disease. Others do not make it. Is there a rhyme or reason to a lot of this? A lot of it – has no particular thread of reason. One day? We will have the answers and cures. #Believe.
Yes, one day we will have answers/cures for motility disorders – #Green4GP #HR1187 #Gastroparesis

Do you know how seeds become full blown trees producing fruit?

It is like this… when a sister(Stacy)sees something from another sister,(Myranda)prays then reaches out to others
who then brings in an amazing group of friends whom the majority has not met but through our brother they are a part of our journey walking in empathic humanity with love for all. Upon seeing the possibilities for #Green4GP in a lantern festival, for which, it appeared we had a package but a glitch occurred. Defeated? No!!! #Green4GP luminaries was the next option on deck.
It also revealed how each patient/advocate would be able to help go #Green4GP to be lit for #CureGP advocacy.
August 17 5-8 pm CST (in your time zone) go live->Facebook->Instagram ->Twitter/Periscope etc

So, let’s get our “Times Square New Year’s Ball Countdown Ball!” On Like “Dick Clark/Ryan Seacrest but with #Green4GP lit 4 #CureGP on August 17 5-8 pm CST GET YOUR WORLD CLOCKS OUT YALL AND DROP THIS #Green4GP EVENT #TrendIt for #CureGP FACEBOOK TWITTER TUMBLER INSTAGRAM SNAPCHAT GOOGLE+ etc!

Here is a copy of the letter I am using to email with the PRESS RELEASE for August 17 #Green4GP lighting for #CureGP event “Alive After Five” in Jonesboro, Arkansas

You are welcome to use this and edit as you choose in your area or state for your #Green4GP lighting for #CureGP whether you are doing it in your home, subdivision, hospital room, city, park, 🚣🏽 boat on the lake, wherever you choose on August the 17th in whichever time zone 5-8 pm CST (6-9 pm EST) pull up your world clock and whatever city, state, country, nation, let’s go #Green4GP to #CureGP we will be memorializing those who have died & simultaneously raising awareness to hopefully stop deaths – end the suffering from these incurable invisible illnesses. Because while some may be able function (at this time Thank goodness) there are ranges and varying degrees to these diseases /just as there are to other diseases, we have too many who are not able to live fully functional lives.

June 27, 2017

Dear (Newsroom call letters)
Gastroparesis Motility Disorder Awareness Month is August. National Health Observances Calendar proclaimed Gastroparesis Awareness nationally. Honorable Asa Hutchinson, our Governor of Arkansas has Proclaimed August Gastroparesis Motility Disorder Awareness in August. Despite seeing our dear friends dying around us, just recently a young lady in her twenties died… another beautiful woman who has advocated for herself and so, so, many of us also died. We in the Gastroparesis/Motility Disorder Community are asking you to please share our information about these incurable illnesses. We do not have accurate numbers on how many are dying due to complications from their digestive tract not working. We need research, medical specialists and a better quality of life while research is being done. Our Bill H.R.1187 Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2017 115th Congress(2017-2018)
currently requiring cosponsors (link used to request your representatives to cosponsor #HR1187!-_nn)
Our Bill would achieve a better data base with research and centers of excellence. Patients, Family, Friends, Doctors, Healthcare workers all need your support. Many with these disorders have multiple diagnosis. We walk or sit with sometimes 5 Incurable illnesses and they are internal. A great deal of confusion occurs with these diseases. Good people, without knowledge, see one patient in our community eating something, then they make the conclusion that if you eat, you are okay. We do not digest food just because something is placed in our mouths. I implore you to think of the clogged sink or toilet, you can put it in but what happens?
We need the support, help, and your advocacy — help us find cures. On August 17 in Jonesboro Arkansas Alive after Five from 5-8 pm we will be lighting luminaries and passing out #Green4GP glow sticks for the children. Green & yellow are the nationally recognized Awareness colors for Gastroparesis Motility Disorders.
It is our intention for Arkansas to be part of a nationwide campaign of green lights both in memoriam for those who have died while simultaneously lighting the night with Awareness for Gastroparesis Motility Disorders. Some may be lighting their candles from their homes with Facebook live or a hospital bed with a still pic. Some may light up their subdivision. Some may light up their city. Some may be able to do the lantern Festival in their State & town. We are excited about #Green4GP being lit for #CureGP our hashtag used on all platforms as well as our website for resources to all who need assistance.
Sincerely yours,
With Victory in Mind

*sidenote Dr T. Abell has a research contact email which accepts direct donations
The contact person Kathey,
second email –> Kathey Golightly Sanders
Director of Major & Planned Gifts
250 East Liberty Street, Suite 612
Louisville, KY 40202
502-333-8166 (office) 502-550-1507 (cell)

Glitter Queens Global
Raven Walton Big Brother 19