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Et toi?

Do you know? If you are engraved. Or perhaps it is in a “code?” Do we? Have an Expiration in a hidden creek of blood work or bone marrow, inner bone joints, it is — I am not saying we will not all “expire!” I am just wondering with our frailties and God’s Over Ride/Prior Authorization He can put in – an expiration or our last stage is not explained until years & years later
As I was speaking to my #GPSis during this busy Awareness time, #Green4GP to #CureGP #TheEvent August 17 5-9 pm CST (your time zone respectively) #BB19 #PacerPower #TeamRaven #SpaceBun challenge then—–>
about “My Expiration date?” My thoughts returned to those words… I have a tendency to sweep away all negativity, pessimistic thoughts away from me many #GPWarriors do you keep the #MentalDeck clean
Do your very best to not be a trauma collector. If you observe yourself doing so? Seek out a good therapist/counselor or if you think you have a good friend to speak because you are not ready to go to the counselor? But we need to tend to our mental health just as diligently as we tend to our physical health – more so really our minds control our body and its functions. The healthier our mind is the healthier our body.
I have found harboring negativity, or pulling out “old bones” very detrimental to our health. We truly agree to disagree on this process… not everyone chooses this method, (in our community- and I respect their process as they respect mine) and they are still good people.
We all are! We are human beings susceptible to mistakes, faults, & flaws. Therein forgiveness is an absolute must– especially when you are walking around “with an expiration date – which is – if used after this date… hmmm or not really here or the Doctor who had lost his friend a year ago (from complications related to Gastroparesis) had looked at my chart, saw my history, and told me I had been doing a good job of managing my illness had actually gone beyond “my Expiration date.”
My last obstruction surgery was. July 7, 2015 I lost a section of my small intestine because this time it had backed up & twisted in the upper part of the small intestine. I was not discharged until the 24th. I was put back in the hospital on August 14 -25 with a partial obstruction (no surgery) I missed all of our awareness planned for August 2015 but I am still past my EXPIRATION DATE!
in 2006, I was told I was in my last stage of this disease. I would find out in 2011 I was dealing with mitochondrial disease & POTS. With the motility Disorders- Gastroparesis– Colonic Inertia- Chronic Intestinal PseudoObstruction Syndrome
2003 surgical obstruction surgery. 2000 my colectomy direct resection. 1999 was the initial diagnosis of Chronic Migraines Abdominal based, Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction Syndrome,Colonic Inertia Gastroparesis, Neuropathy, 2011 – POTS Mitochondrial Malabsorption
As warriors of Chronic Illness we seek answers once given answers the majority of us will research our illnesses and try to learn as much as possible to fight and survive with the best quality of life possible. We do not wait for Dr’s or others to save us, we explore all possible avenues. Taking in all the holistic side of medicine where applicable and when it does not contraindicate with the antiemetic Rx’s which have been found and are working… time/trials & errors to find took a little while. But once success was found. It has ZAP’d the nausea into the managed area – in the Motility Disorder world it is referred to as the ZAP protocol. Zofran -ondansetron and phenergan- promethazine
Am I angry, sad, or irritated at the person who told me about my “Expiration date. ” No I am not angry
Taking “crisis to opportunity” is another tool in our #Warrior’s TreasureChest.
Taking the tools of words which do not serve your healing process but can motivate your battle? Put them in your treasure chest .. do not be a trauma collector! Be a motivational motivator. When I was told “I was in my last my stages, What was I going to do” I said “I was going to keep on trying to do my best and God has not told me the end is near yet..” My internal dialogue was quite different- inside I was doing the “Scooby_Do shake.. and saying really Doc … how did you get a hotline to my end and I didn’t get the note. I am really not feelin’ you right now And while I am not claiming to have a landline to God? My inner voice in prayer was calling foul play.