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Add Bronchitis/sinusitis to GP/Motility =:-(


How an Invisible Illness can still roll with bronchitis pain from coughing has you hurting with each breath and as you lay down and sit up. #ButYouDontLookSick is so true cause you are looking at it! Bronchitis did not make it to pneumonia yay!!!! Calming down this cough will be a welcoming event!!!! Add a lil “Real world sickness” to our incurable invisible illnesses and we get into our “unhappy” camper mode! But still positively optimistic about the situation because we have a good track record at “overcoming and all being well!”
Being a lil discouraged or aggravated doesn’t equal “Big picture” advocacy nor our goals of #Cures #CureGP just slows us down a bit! But “hey!” Life always comes with “speed bumps!”