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#ThankfulThursday TBT 35 days!



#ThankfulThursday 35 days until we memorialize/Raise Awareness for August’s Gastroparesis/Motility Disorder Month on August 17 5-8 pm CST (all respective time zones ) with green lights of your choosing as small /intimate/ medium sized or large as you wish to do while posting on your timeline /events #Green4GP to #CureGP on all social media platforms you choose to raise awareness as a group.
We are also asking you to take a few moments to interview each other and ask how the Motility Disorder/s are impacting each of our lives- there is not a wrong answer to this question!
#GpReporter: What does Gastroparesis a Motility Disorder mean to you?

Everyone has their own journey with these diseases all are warriors in every sense of the word! It is our intention to show each of us individually/each of you individually as well as our amazing community as a whole
A component of this event is sending love to our #GPAngelWarriors forevermore in our hearts & minds with love, respect, and condolences to their families.
We are #Thankful this #Thursday #TBT
As I share a piece of my story from 2000 –
Where I just missed my #GPTwin apparently by a month in Charleston SC for a colectomy –
I like my hubby share a passion of plants- some are not indigenous to our area and therefore do not “thrive” as well as they would in another “habitat/climate” but “Spike” as hubby calls the Blue Agave has grown and even had lil “baby” spikelets
Years ago I gave away a truck load of plants because I could not “keep” up with their care but we kept others I will try to share more of our #Green4GP
To #CureGP therapy. Spike with his connection to Dr Lahr, my colectomy (which forever made quality of life more tolerable- it did not “fix” me as the 2 later surgical obstructions attest to— the second was a close call… this is the part of a set of motility puzzle pieces people do not understand. Even while I try to explain this scenario? I will get something wrong.. why? I am a human being- we make mistakes and have faults with typos. But the point is? With layers of motility disorders and with x & y variables this disease can quickly turn __________ I will let you fill in the blank.
It is silly really to argue over terms. With so much reality especially for those of us who walk with positivity and optimism.. We do not have three hands. POTS creates awful balance issue so I cannot try to hold a foot out with info between my toes!

It is easier to stay in the #PeaceBoat be amazed at this cacti having babies outside of its indigenous habitat- Dear Blue Agave “Spike” whom hubby trims the tips so it’s not so deadly.. if you bump into Spike it is an alarming experience- hmmm kinda like Motility Disorders they harm in ways you never imagined! If you have the Grace of God to never be diagnosed with multiple diagnosis or experience the severe end of the spectrum (and stay there– not fluctuated in & out Or do a “rollercoaster”)
Lord let’s just stay away from any of them! Let’s keep everyone’s digestive tract functional and in good health! We all need to eat & poop! Thank you Jesus! Yep I just prayed for all to eat , digest, absorb their food properly and poop without any issues top to bottom! Please #CureGP Gastroparesis all exisisting ceases of motility Disorders Thank you!
Millions wishing to be seen – heard- treated- cared for- understood- truly want none of their children /children’s children to face any of these diagnosis!!! Let us pass —->
H.R.1187 Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2017 115th Congress(2017-2018)
#HR1187 in the USA. Please sign and share to request your representative cosponsor our Bill
#HR1187 #Gastroparesis #FGIMD #IBS #CureGP
If you would like to send a short video
What Gastroparesis/Motility Disorders mean to me on August 17 2017 #Green4GP to #CureGP to be there for the day? We encourage you to do so we want everyone’s voice heard.