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August 17, #Green4GP to #CureGP

National/State Gastroparesis Awareness Month
August is Gastroparesis/Motility Disorder Awareness Month

Jonesboro,Arkansas: August has been proclaimed by Governor Asa Hutchinson as Gastroparesis Motility Disorder Month. In addition, August has also been selected as Gastroparesis Awareness Month for the 2017 NHO Health Observances Calendar.

Gastroparesis Fighting For a Change in Arkansas is hosting an event to raise awareness for motility disorders and memorialize those who have died from these incurable illnesses. Green luminaries will be lit during Alive After Five, in Downtown Jonesboro, on August 17 from 5-8 pm along the sidewalks of Huntington Avenue between Main and Church. For children attending the event, green glow sticks will be provided. It is this twofold mission for which we are asking you to come out and show your support.

The colors green and yellow are the nationally recognized colors for Gastroparesis and motility disorders.

Millions have been diagnosed with motility disorders, including Gastroparesis, IBS, Colon Inertia, Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction, and many others. Through diet changes and medications, some patients are able to maintain fully functional lives. However, some patients have layered diagnosis and are homebound. Much like other types of disorders – no two patients are alike. One important fact to remember is that just because you see someone eating, it doesn’t mean their digestive tract is functioning properly. There are lots of online resources patients can look to for guidance (see Related Links).

There is a relevant piece of legislation currently in committee before Congress, H.R.1187 Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2017, which is in need of support from those affected by motility disorders, as well as their friends, family, and health care providers.

H.R. 1187 would provide more access to motility specialists in the State of Arkansas, additional research and a centralized way for this research to be shared with the goal of developing successful treatments for these incurable, invisible illnesses.

Our goal with this event is to raise awareness of these disorders, the patients, and this important legislation. While many never reach the severe end of the spectrum, as advocates we see far too many patients lose their lives due to complications related to motility disorders and related illnesses.
Gastroparesis Fighting for a Change in Arkansas is advocating for a cure. We use the hashtag #CureGP online to allow current and newly diagnosed individuals the ability to find resources and support.

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