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Detour? No!

I meet today with optimism and positivity.

The past weeks have had too many detour signs.

Regardless of how many posts I see which could take me in another direction.

How or why?

I have decided through this walk of dealing with a journey of advocacy to cope with multiple Motility Disorders, Autoimmune disease & survive my physical adversities.

While my exterior often lies to the world about my interior truth – on the majority of days? I help it.. I choose to be happy, peaceful, joyful,positive and optimistic.

Yes, it may be a form of an untruth to help me cope and survive “The Big Picture!”

How many people would like to go out with a miserable, bitter, complaining, angry person who is forevermore denigrating others about the lack of treatments- awareness- options- campaigns-support etc Without out ever lifting a finger to make a change for ourselves?

I would not like to be in my own company – if these were the choices I chose to make.

I have seen many #GPHappyDances making my heart sing.

It is this heart to heart we have to ourselves on these long days,weeks, many moments gathering wisdom about what allows our best outcome.

Anger with negativity along with denigration of others doesn’t get us at a “good/healthy outcome!” While lifting ourselves with Grace & lifting others with Grace? This act can change everything!!!

#IamOkayNow while every time I say this…it may not be completely true?

It is with a belief/prayer of optimism and positivity it will be true for each of us everyday!

This goal is much easier achieved by presenting our “best self” while being in the public / showing pics of our “best self” does this present a false image?

Nope we are giving ourselves a pep talk – coaching/preaching/ motivating/encouraging/inspiring our family -friends – community- ourselves!

Why does this matter?

Believing we are “okay” seeing we are “okay” saying we are “okay” all matters!!!!

We are addressing our whole holistic selves.

Physical,emotional, psychological, spiritual and every part matters!

When we “see” our okay- it convinces us that we are winning our #Warrior battle!!!

The 3 hour struggle for the shower to prepare for the outing (where we want to hear NOTHING about GP) was totally worth it!!!

(Tip: For those who stage their preparations- due to lack of energy- shower the day before, blow dry hair, & prep whatever can be prepped- – then you can use the hot iron or whatever else is needed to spruce up your hair, do make up & slip into outfit.)