GPReport 7/23/17

A few thought bubble thoughts.
Why are there “pharmaceutical protocols” which override the decision made by our doctor? When it is an antibiotic because you are still on the verge of pneumonia and you have mitochondrial Malabsorption with motility disorders along with post orthostatic tachycardia syndrome = POTS? You of course pay cash for your antibiotics prescribed by your doctor,but perhaps this is part of the equation used by the protocols implemented by the insurance companies. I pay cash for two other rx’s due the pharmaceutical protocol implementation in coordination with the insurance company and before anyone gets all political on this thought bubble? It was this way before Obama was elected. It’s not an Obamacare issue but an insurance company in the way of patient care & doctor issue and as far as I can tell? This has been a problem for a very long time — I will not go through a history lesson of how much control the insurance companies have had during which administrations. It serves no purpose to argue. I prefer to advocate in this moment today.
I am led to the second part of my thought bubble #CureGP
Why do we use this hashtag?
I will give you a personal experience/testimony about how this has and continues to touch our family.
Very few can argue Dr Thomas Abell is one of /if not the leading Motility specialist in the World!
My mother (who passed away last September 9,2016) was my emergency contact or next to call if you couldn’t get me. As some in the GP community can attest to – sometimes Dr Abell makes his own calls. This was one of those calls. My dear Mother who was a genius- just as my Father was – was on the phone with my Doctor. And she asked him, “Can you cure my baby?” Dr Abell told the truth, (she would have lost all respect for him if he had lied- she knew what was going on – she helped grade my Dad’s pharmacy students papers while he was teaching at the University But a mother still wants to know if something is there not being told or to be reassured with extra information) Dr Abell told her (which he had permission to do so) that no there was not a cure at this time but he had a treatment plan & if that one failed he had another, he would not give up. In his soft spoken compassionate empathetic voice he said with honesty what My Mother needed to hear. She would meet him in person in Jackson Ms. You must understand, Dr Abell won my mother over with that phone call and reinforced it over the years. I cannot convey how this is not an easy thing nor what it means when you have My Mom on your side. Now he has the Heavens singing his praises along with Dr Corbett and JJ at the Headache Clinic. Mom is joined by Jennifer Jaff who won my Gastric Electrical Stimulator (pacemaker) appeal when she was dx with crohns later Gastroparesis. While Gastroparesis won’t be on a death certificate the (as Dr Abell said) organ failure resulting from the effects of the disease will usually be the cause of death.