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Let’s Give Them Flowers

Roses & the thorns we know life comes with both but let’s give each other the flowers
While we have the chance, tell each and every one of us how much you are loved! Grace for ourselves and others.
#PeaceBoat philosophy the journey does not have to be as hard as it is – life will deliver enough hard moments let’s not add “Human Casualties” and we all make mistakes none of us are “golden” but apologies & forgiveness gets us back in a place of Peace/Shalom/Grace we can all be in the boat rather than the stormy sea or swimming with a blood thirsty shark. Choices/thorns do you grow your rose — smell it’s amazing scent like a “Tropicana” has a lot of thorns but oh my goodness the pay-off of scent! Do you chop off the rose bush when you are stuck the first time or do you understand you need gardening gloves? Another version of the “peace boat” either you are breathing with your world and seeing you must be -a cheerleader -a peace builder – a reflection of your village in all of its areas or you are in a battle with yourself – your village- your world.


RIP #GPAngelWarriors