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Humanity with History


Millions live with layered digested disease/autoimmune disease/and the effects they bring/thereby reflect the best

and the worst of our Global/Local Humanity throughout the history of our shared Humanity. The report card is/has not

always been a good one. We seek to be positive, optimistic, encouraging, empowering, to all who seek support from our

lil cog in this big wheel of our shared humanity. We seek to give Love, Grace, Kindness, Joy, Patience, Gentleness,

Goodness, a Peace from the storm as we are ourselves filled with flaws. However imperfect our Human advocacy? It is

wrapped in the Faith & Temperance we offer you -no matter of your belief or non-belief- this is the Love and Peace we

offer through the prayers -we push on no one- but offer to all. This Agape Love is not a barrier but a blessing. An

unconditional love we offer – no strings attached/ now — >>> How may we be of assistance? If the day comes, where you

ask “How do I help others?” this is your blueprint. Just ask with Grace for yourself and Grace for others… then with

Love and support unconditionally … No judgement in your advocacy nor evaluation of motives.. (however you choose to

look at the situation? Here is a piece of my #PeaceBoat philosophy motives of another’s heart is not a place I

reside. God does/ you may have another way of saying this but I use the physicians oath of “Do no Harm.” along with

the business of God’s lane. I find great peace with this option. I am not the person praying on the roof with a flood

all around — to pass up a person in a boat, another in a helicopter, and (one more lost in GP fog) God asks him, “Why

did you not accept the people offering to help you?” The man replies, “I was praying for you to save me.” God

says,”Those people were Me answering your prayers.” The point of the story —> we must be an active participant in our

prayers, spiritual, & life while fighting as #Warriors to live.

The history of our humanity has documented great, wonderful, amazing, miracle moments, it has also documented

heinous, heartless, horrendous moments. I will not go into a fact filled chart of moments in our humanity because

what prompted this writing was a truckload of humans in a parking lot in the Texas heat. If we begin our discussion

here, I fear it will begin to immediately digress in the further loss of our humanity. Just as it does so very often

when we lose our hierarchal levels of thinking out of a simple need of love of others as you would anticipate for

yourself – a loss of this self becomes a turmoil reinforced by online and in person mobbish thought patterns. No, I

am not a bleeding heart liberal nor am I a RedRiver heart conservative. Do you see the commonality in the two? We all

bleed red and all have a heart…. no it does not matter our exterior is not the determining factor for receiving blood

nor a heart transplant.

While living, meditating, praying in the Peace Boat leaving all out of my control takes a great deal of practice and

effort. The energy used to stop our minds still invades our dreams this loss of humanity. I am sure this is a piece

of what prompted medical anti-bullying laws in states. Once I get my data back in place, I will be researching this

history or our humanity. It is extremely sad to know the compassionate empathy which should be an integral part of

our DNA has had to be legislated because (and I’m guessing at this point – I am offline due to data limit at this

time) the lack of anonymity of the keyboard deletes the natural compassion/empathy we were once always in need of but

it seems to have been magnified….add 1 part jealousy to 1 part ambition to go “viral” through youtube fame or social

media reality “celebrity DIY” without a platform or knowledge of others but if they create enough “noise” or “attack

others with lies” = $”Likes, Views,” $ payoff it does not matter at all that they crushed and lied about another

human being nor that it could happen to them. No they want to be “famous”

The fact that another person has chosen to use their talents – the gifts they have been given to raise awareness

since a teenager/ youth. Nope the truth does not live in this lesson they are supposedly giving.

The journey has been documented by the top doctors. There are facts – indisputable facts (which are required before

going on to a national platform) I won’t use much more energy ( we call them spoons/ based on the spoon theory )

spoons except to say there are scammers in every community about numerous things in our humanity history—- but this

particular moment? Is not one of them and the viscousness of the attacks are not only ugly but embarrassing by some

in our own community. It is akin to watching a mother attack its own children….out of my lane of comprehension or

understanding. The writing was a way of Healing, Grace, understanding, and perhaps clarification. Grace – check.

#Green4GP to #CureGP

August 17 5-8 pm CST (or your respective time

zone) let’s turn the internet green – post and share! #GPWarriors

Still waiting on the rest….

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