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I cannot trust my memory but I will go with that year.. I heard a book being discussed.. it was “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz … now let me stop ✋🏿 you right now .. if you think I am engaging in heretical behavior.
I believe in our Lord and His son Jesus Christ, while seeing our universe in terms of all its logical interpretation #Green4GP to #CureGP #TheEvent
its scientific research facts being of a sound mind and still I feel the presence of more. I am not confused, not at all, I just feel the Indians were telling us about the same God – we were determined to teach them about… I also feel like at some point in the future we will all understand our different names of God are saying the same thing. Yahweh, Allah, Our Father Abraham, our Creator or Peace without arguing in agreement without the need to find a way to diagnose someone as an other or a heretical “other” dangerous to the “ones” may all be Blessed and God knows His Children as a wise woman said there aren’t Grandchildren just children.
I was raised to believe in Faith, In prayers as a child and continued to pray as my Mom & Dad had laid down with its foundation. I think the most cynical of humans would be wondering about our world with my testimonial and “God-winks” (first introduced to me in Squire Rushnell’s) — When God Winks
I will try to do the shortened version… my Dad passes away and I need assistance with my life, it wasn’t an assistance I felt like could be by anyone in my physical world so I prayed with the red Bible my Mom & Dad had given me and my assistance was given in a physical way. After my first hurdle was dealt with, I was trying to “find a church home” with some high school friends I had been visiting different churches looking for the right place.
I was running a fever after a Sunday service. (I had been sick but thought it would “get better.” {Yes! I believe between my birth – genetic predisposition + nurturing I have always been a positive optimistic in thought/deed/outlook.}
During the Sunday service I could feel myself getting hotter & hotter. I felt as if I were going to pass out.) I told my friends I needed to go to a Doctor- they sought the elders to pray “my demons out with oil.” I was very respectful as I had been taught, but this was the last, tongues, holy oil, hands in the air & hands on, people falling out, service I would attend.( I am not brushing all charismatic churches with the same brush, mind you, I am simply saying it is not my chosen way of expressing Faith.. it may another’s perfect way.) When I went home my fever was up to 103 or so (I still have a tiny scar between my forefinger and index at the knuckle of my left hand at the 🕷 bite location) and my hand/arm was swollen with red streaks running upwards to my shoulder. I would be treated for the next 14 days for blood poisoning from a spider bite. (Later due to drug sensitivities which are very common with Chronic AutoImmune /Motility Mitochondrial illnesses to develop the penicillin which stopped the blood poisoning. I am now classified as an anaphylactic allergic reaction to penicillin and all it’s derivatives. I have a very long list of allergies which is not uncommon for my situation.
There would be many more moments God-Winks over the years. I cannot even begin — it would be a book in and of itself.
God showing up – Faith undeniable. I use the Beatitudes, The Four Agreements, and many other inspirational prayers, writings, to fortify my #JoyComethInTheMorning books like Corey ten Boom’s Each New Day Hannah Hurnard’s Hinds’ Feet On High Places Hannah Hurnard
So no, I am not jumping into the “__________” whatever you call it now movement which casts judgement from the motives of hearts you cannot possibly know.
I am prayerfully showing you the many blessings of knowing Peace
I live each day in what I refer to as the PeaceBoat
It is both prayerful + visual + philosophical + peace 🙂 <) The perfect way to illustrate this thought at the moment is an animated video from Sheryl Crow/Gary Clark Jr

Halfway There”
Halfway There-Song
It would be amazing if the among the metaphorical translations of “Halfway There?” We could add 1/2 way there to: #Cures #CureGP please more than 1/2 way there to enough #CoSponsors on #HR1187 link to request cosponsorship of your Representatives to #HR1187
1/2way There to complete Love of self equals to love of others. 🙂 <) 1/2 WayThere to knowing the only time you need to know, on an application - “in most cases” aside from medical research or a manhunt for identifying purposes.. we really do not need to know
marital status,
skin or pigmentation- Caucasian____Last option other___
heritage (of which most of us in America – do not know our full truth – unless we have had “the ancestral DNA breakdown test- we have been told stories – oral histories but they are not always accurate”

I know there are more my Fog is a lil thick but I know I am not the only one ready for us to be more than 1/2Way There!