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#Green4GP to #CureGP #TheEvent #FactFriday #Gastroparesis Already most States in 2.5 yrs are Proclaiming Gastroparesis Motility Disorder Awareness Month with our National Gastroparesis Awareness Month this August we just KNOW in the next year.. it will be close to all. So while this writing is said to a slight downbeat (literally and an upbeat) it is how we move only forward with optimism- it has been shown to be true. Positivity.

I walk into this
But may never accept what you say
It is the exceptions we see or say
We find along our way
Which find us along our way
You me I they them they
Are defined as individuals the ones who have a voice who
Need to hear what we have to say
But in reality it is actually the very ones they say who must hear us who cannot even begin to know about us on any given day that we must reach from these frail pages begun many ages ago in the quaint terminology we still speak to this very day
We say it is a whereas:
And a
Where to:
Where upon this day upon our year on this day of our Lord
When we cannot even begin to go forth and get our Mega horn attached to a PSA. With this said PROCLAMATION PROCLAIMED UPON THIS DAY
we must say it now???!!!!
Because without its declaration we fear our heads will be looking into our tomorrows of yesterday and then a yesteryearyear of a yesteryear once before itself asked before yet it still was not proclaimed by the people it was sought in its very nature to be made aware in its proclamation

My wherefore and whereas us in the beginning was seeking to be made wherein to all of our /your mine my constituency in each and every whereof it is wherein we could before we all could be mistooken by any of the diseases herein for which we do have upon ourselves not to be taken by or in from this very day.

Say this to a down beat and on an upbeat because we have been successful with 35 plus Proclamations and we know in 2 1/2 years going from 3 to 35 we will reach all of our states so when we are in Gastroparesis Awareness Month — As we are now? All of our states will be with us!!! The majority of them? Already are!!!! Yay!!