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Gastroparesis Awareness Month

We are Fighting for A Change both for Awareness, for acceptance, education, empowerment, <<---this is not said lightly... As we share the information for August Gastroparesis Awareness Month Nationally & 35 August State Proclamations Gastroparesis/Motility Disorder Awareness Month/Week/Day alongside #TheEvent August 17 #Green4GP to #CureGP

We, with the same mindset our country was founded upon. …each person has a say in their lives… Are utilizing our voices for change and encouraging others to do the same.

Each of you matter! Both as a person within your life everyday and it did not change when you became a #Patient_Advocate –>> we are all advocates! Our advocacy may be on different levels but as soon as we enter the realm of being a Chronic Patient you are an advocate on some level, patient and advocacy go hand in hand. Every choice,action,decision and clarifications made on your journey are acts of advocacy for yourself or your family member.
We are all a tiny cog in a wheel of progress – yes this is my “phrasing” – shared by others. Yet without your tiny cog? The wheel of true compassionate empathetic forward progress halts. This is how much you matter and why we reiterate that #WeSeeYou #IseeYou You are an unique priceless voice. Using your creativity on August 17 by posting your Green and truly turning the internet green with Awareness #BeSeenBeingGreen4GP using your #GPReporter skills by telling your truth – which is not a “right or wrong” answer but your truth. We lift you with unconditional support love and positivity filled with optimistic thoughts about our future opportunities because of your amazingness.

We have plans and let’s use Dr Abell’s phrase

“A plan A, Plan B, Plan B..there is always a plan.”

#GPReporters keep your notebooks close by for your amazing ideas 💡 tip.. #GPFog can cause delays & frustration- so keep your lil notebook in a close proximity at all times!! On a lil lanyard if possible– I am joking –somewhat.

Oh and on a note of lightheartedness…
My yard has suddenly broke out in green circles.. I suppose the #Universe #TheForce of Gastroparesis Awareness Month is with us on the #CureGP journey. There are 3 complete circles and a couple of partial circles.