what does Dazzle mean to you?..Let me tell you what it means to me, via rare to turn it up. It means our special “sparkle” which becomes clarified by a genetics test highly suspicioned in our family.
Then your Dazzle is confirmed or verified with a comment to go for genetic counseling…
my #Dazzle4Rare family has an aunt with Motility so advanced with repetition it required her to adopt her child rather than give birth. My #Dazzle4Rare also has a Great Grandmother with dyslexia #Dazzle4Rare maternal as well with ulcers, diverticulitis (my Aunt too as well as an Uncle with Crohn’s)
My #Dazzle4Rare puzzle pieces had a master Motility Disorder puzzle solver at its helm since 1999 Thank Goodness!
So my positivity and optimism has been given a chance to bloom unfettered with my own unique truth 🙂
Does your Dazzle personality have an A type of enjoying trying to help others and always enjoying a challenge or project to overcome..
I would imagine there are many #Dazzle4Rare Warriors like I describe we are a #WarriorType it is how we #GlitterSurvive #NEGU it would be a personal affront to our personal #Dazzle4Rare #WarriorSelf to not try with #DazzleOptimism #DazzlePositivity

It is worn with an equal amount of Grace, Humility and fragility that only another chronic Warrior understands.
When I saw my Dad leave this earth too soon. I was then to go on to seek my own diagnosis over time and as my layered diagnosis came in, my medical folder became larger, and more complex from my initial diagnosis in 1999 to 2011… Into my medical folder went the understanding of nuclear DNA and maternal DNA as my mitochondrial Malabsorption disease has progressed itself along with my prayers by the year that I do not see any signs of distress or disease in future generations.
The Dazzle for rare is being able to pass our advocacy journey to others share our passion of positivity and optimism towards the space and time with belief that the real estate of possibilities is way larger than the tiny pockets or islands or weeds which try to bring themselves into our space but we do not water its existence and therefore we take screenshot to warn of its ways but otherwise there is no need to speak of it at all.
Our shine, glitter, Dazzle, lamps, lights, luminaries, lanterns, touchstones for the tiniest of flickers it takes very lil to remind us our lights/Dazzle 4Rare is our truth we speak live, breathe, inhale, hmmmmm, hmmmmm, maybe it’s not a tune I can teach you because, like you, my #Dazzle4Rare is one of a kind! But sit quietly- clear your mind and you will feel your spark ->yes your sparkle – >that #glitter4Real is a Rare -to -you situation and I do not dare to think I can better explain it better than this.
May your blessings be upon you and your kindness for your comfort
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