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All things are possible. A thought is an idea waiting to become a reality upon meeting a knowledgeable optimistic person whose paradigms are not defined but beautifully blurred with positivity. dst 8/16/17

It is great connecting with others who know their thoughts and actions do create a space for change… even when you think you might be the only one doing an action sometimes? You are not!!! You are adding an ingredient to this world so very valuable, priceless, it cannot be duplicated and your voice is needed!! It is being SEEN being Green for GP when you think it is not!! So keep on #BeSeenBeingGreen4GP be the #GPReporter or #ChronicReporter You are #TheEvent each & every one of you!
Do not stop your light it might be the light another is following in the dark!!! Sometimes you find out this to be true sometimes you may not! Be you!!! It is what you were made to do.. once you truly love believe and become truly comfortable in your beauty (the skin and spirit of you!) the peace it brings is immeasurable!!! The opinions & thoughts of others about your journey and your truth are their thoughts they truly do not matter to you … when they are positive thoughts and kind This is wonderful of course !!!
But when they go the other direction? And you are comfortable in yourself? Then they are speaking about something they have no knowledge of and if it is negative, unkind, untrue- then it is a reflection on their personal journey – not your journey.
It has nothing to do with you. As hard as it is? It is better and healthier to just walk away from those who are caught up in a negative, mean, drama, stress filled situation which has no bearing on your truth. Once this is done, you begin to move towards peace as you close doors on any avenue of stress which can trigger anyone living with chronic illnesses. Anyone living with long term chronic illnesses know what I am referring to and how this is really not an option but a necessary choice for optimal health. Our day to day choices are all made to give us our best Quality of Life. Tips to avoid stress/be your/my best self have been a part of my hard earned #Crisis_Opportunity #Dazzle4Rare my/your journey for how long? My turning point took a hard turn with a colectomy in 2000 (my initial diagnosis was in 1999 with Gastroparesis, Colonic Inertia, chronic Intestinal pseudo-obstruction syndrome… I would not be given the source of my GP until 2012 Mitochondrial Disease with POTS causing issues from the beginning because of Mitochondrial disease/Malabsorption.. I do not remember a time in my life when did not see those “pretty lil flashing lights” out of the side of my peripheral vision– yes my #Dazzle4Rare had been giving me signals for soooo long but I was tooooo busy to really bother with these lil side issues which really weren’t “stopping” me UNTIL THEY DID— Thank God Dr Thomas Abell was there and abell to put all the pieces together patiently believing without thinking we are crazy.) chronic Abdominal Migraines linked to my motility issues. I thereafter was gifted the Four Agreements as a supplement to the Beatitudes, w/my prayers & meditations I do daily. The Agreements were a key in being free from judgement of others and still extending love. It takes less energy to be at peace & optimistic

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