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  • Debbie 

#FactFriday Reflect

While still fully in the midst of an amazingly beautiful journey… Gastroparesis Motility Disorder Awareness Month in Arkansas and August Gastroparesis Awareness Month Nationally.
I cannot help but reflect upon on all of the Awareness in its various forms on all of the events & Social Media networks and I cannot be anything but inspired!
Inspired to: do, be, create, advocate, Give, Advocate, and Find Grace
to do all of the thoughts rushing through my mind.
Even while I never measure up to a very large picture in my mind?
Here is an insight to how I find the Grace of it all.. I look at the moments of pure advocacy yesterday in the #Green4GP to #CureGP #TheEvent (now closed ) and all of the personal timelines done in coordination with #TheEvent or perhaps inspired/motivated to #BeSeenBeingGreen4GP & I immediately begin my notes on how I can make this “now annual moment” rollout smoother in a larger way.
Learning during an idea,can creat anxiety, but it also has the potential for many growth moments—> Grace.
On the Positive~Optimistic Side “The Real Life Diaries: Living With Gastroparesis” with Lynda Cheldelin Fell & 20 Authors from our community will be released today.
Our Advocacy/Awareness Continues Ms Melissa has Radio interviews, there are more lil “cog” moments coming in this month. When we go to our (I use prayers and meditation- leading to #PeaceBoat) reflections after rest and quieting our mind often there are revelations which inspire more awareness & advocacy. The journey we walk with malnutrition and dehydration on different levels is in no way an easy path but finding the Grace to be “us” still is absolutely necessary for myself in the “cog” role I am truly not an important person in this dynamic but I love being of service where/when I can… I know my GP Sisters & GP Brothers who walk this with me are equally filled with the same amount of service and dedication to lift others, share their walk/journey to help make another brother or sister’s journey of motility diagnosis an easier lighter path. We awake each day with the soul intent to do just this /whether it be through awareness/advocacy/education/empowerment/encouragement/motivation or any other avenues which can fill a need to create light ✨
We have found just being on the phone with like-minded Warriors can lead to amazing ideas and be a day changer!
Be Blessed with Peace Grace Hope Love Support Change please see the light of Optimism & Positivity I offer today as a part of my reflection my fellow warriors!
Thank you to #AGMD #IFFGD #FFC #GQG for your continued support and Advocacy I cannot say enough thank you’s 🙂 🙂 🙂
Side note: Thank you, Dear Steven, Stacy, Mr Brandon Young, April, Ms Melissa, Tegan, Laura, Maryangela, (I know I will think of someone I forgot will you give me Grace and know you are Thanked?! Somewhere in my Foggy brain?!) Dr Garner, Alive After Five with Jonesboro Association – even though we had to cancel due to weather.