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  • Debbie 

The Way We Go

Wherever we go and whichever we say on whatever day it goes We bring ourselves on every day.
As a child my words hung on shelves waiting to be born never knowing but trusting the mustard seeds
Seeing love and peace travel backwards and forwards..
At 7 years of age one of these shelves had a phrase many a Sunday in my birthplace– “Is Elvis having Sunday Lunch with his Mama after church Service?” See we passed Graceland each Sunday on the way to church for awhile and yes I was a super fan but I also saw him as just like us.
Fast forward to 1977 Elvis has passed away & so has my Dad I am driving through Memphis in a convoy of family vehicles through a Memphis I barely recognized with my Mama & lil brothers.. running a few red lights to not lose sight of the tail lights in front of me nor get lost .. the radio is on low and everyone is asleep in our car. Elvis comes on singing “My Way” I am overcome with emotion because it is as if my Dad is in the car with us – as he had been on so many road trips– rose shows, dog shows, or vacationing to the Great Smoky Mountains – which we had done every summer since I had been born.. we were living in a town just approximately an Hour and half from the Smoky’s upon Dad’s passing. Dad did everything “his Way” it was all beautifully kind, amazing and 110% whether roses, breeding cocker spaniels , Optimist Clubs, Boy Scouts, or Sunday School lessons. Everything all was done full out full on – like the song “TheDance” Now my Mom & Dad are reunited in Heaven and as we approach this 1 year moment of Sept 9 – I try to seek everything they personified- my parents- and in doing so- I honor their memory.
The journey we each earn is created of tiny steps – my Aunt shared a gift with me years ago “Hinds Feet in High Places” by Hannah Hurnard It is one of those shelf moments I believe. Never ever has there been a book more suited to lift others, as a companion to the scriptures, as an aid to advocate for a way to allow us to see ourselves for our true purpose and beauty.
a cog
In Victory
#GP is #Gastroparesis a #MotilityDisorder