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  • Debbie 

You are loved

You Are So Loved 🙂
Your gift is a priceless one my child, so much so, you must be ever so kind, as to not let others be over-burdened by your presence but still blessed.
Let everyone know they are priceless too, then move forward to tell others. Being on an island of one to a few~~ > serves just those ~not the world you were meant to touch. Be careful to not be prideful – for while you are priceless- one-of-kind- if your light is blurred -muddled by mud- all will mistake you for a clay ball of mixed granite not the rare jewel you are.
Whether in Mississippi mud, Black sand, Oceans wide, on any continent or a cave/ YOU /a priceless diamond /when held in the right hands, is known, as you are known my dear child. You are destined to show your worth, your pricelessness, and be at peace within you, not to the crowds, but within you, then your journey becomes bonuses… find your peace and your love of self – which you are worthy of… the love I hold for you! I cannot even begin to touch upon the depth of my love for you my child. Everything you have always been is a gift, everything you are , is a gift, everything you will be, is a gift. I hold you within me with such a magnitude of unconditional love for your precious priceless self my child ❤️
For those loved,,, Those needing a reminder of how much they are loved. Also for those who have become a family member not by blood but in our humanity of Brothers & Sisters …those bonds are strong as adoption ..Love is our tie – Grace the cement which reinforces our hearts through storms “Peace Be Still”reminds us there will be”struggles” but all will be well!
#PeaceBoat 101 ~~~ prayers /good /positivity /optimistic/ thoughts /will get us all there at the right time ❤️
Deb 8/21/17 thought completed