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  • Debbie 

#ThankfulThursday 8/31/2017

#ThankfulThursday on the #CureGP journey #Gastroparesis a #Mitochondrial #MotilityDisorder Awareness #Advocacy #TBT selfie testimony

When we say #ButYouDontLookSick sometimes in our journey this phrase screams and sometimes it whispers… the first photo the symptoms were creeping but that young woman who was about to step into teaching, eyes on grad then doctorate program while doing Church, Girl Scouts, baton lesson classes for the girls at the local school…. symptoms were popping their heads up, like grounds hog day and I just kept bopping them on the head pushing forward. I only knew one speed – forward and go go go… always multi-tasking. I was to learn a lot of lessons and my people pleasing ways would slowly be removed in the chronic journey the learning of “me” and my new language. Other’s opinions would not matter as much as before, their interpretation of me & my truth would not matter as much anymore… the key ingredient of this step? I did not have enough energy to entertain their thoughts. I have never had the personality which has a symbiotic relationship with conflict, negativity or agitation– these factors are like mental / emotional water boarding.. So you can see how I arrived from the dx in 1999 to today 2017 #Biofeedback #PeaceBoat #PalliativeCare #HR1187

#Advocacy #GPReporting #GP can be a rollercoaster 🎢 we (some -not all in varying degrees – of this list of symptoms) ride the waves of nausea, vomiting, pain, weight loss , gain, dehydration, malnutrition, procedures and hospitalizations. Riding the wave rather than trying to jump it while using biofeedback is a much better solution than being beat up in battle.

Again I hope you see why conflict and negativity is a drain on a person in this kind of battle.. because they are trying to calm their body enough to allow a “window” to intake nutrition. Stress, conflict, intense emotion pulling energy from you takes your “window” your tummy, digestive system gets on that rollercoaster.

While the #PeaceBoat I use is in prayer it also is a symbol of “calm” if you anchor yourself to it . Then bring love, peace, and support leading to peace.. yes we are human.. and control is an illusion? We do have the right to put personal boundaries in place for our own personal health.. with much love and prayers for a new day. I pray this “selfie testimony” helps someone, plus provides insight to someone or their loved ones journey with motility issues. On the days they don’t even understand themselves they count on their support team to unconditionally support and lift them with love.