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  • Debbie 

A Thought On Our Nature

As I watch Biographies,documentaries, and movies with content about “our nature” throughout time immemorial with this issue called “racism, prejudice, misogyny, bigotry, hate, discrimination, etc.. and while I say “our” it is not all of “our” many, some, chosen have made their historic voices heard on many of these issues. Yet, every time I see a case of our fellow human beings being maligned, bullied, or attacked by the very people in the “position” to squelch- change the narrative- enlighten our “humanness” of the need to move to a place which does NOT attack others under any circumstance..

There is a phenomenon known as “mob behavior” — behavior of some – which would or might never have been displayed by an individual on their own? Suddenly this human being and others, are doing, saying, attacking our fellow human beings in the most shameful of ways. These “ways” include the verbal attacks (yes words do hurt and defame while in many ways hold untruths and are a reflection of those saying them and their mental state) to felonious acts.. yes physical altercations occur in mob behavior. You only need to look at our history to see what I refer to – some too recent to be believed.

I write to heal not to incite. So I am purposely not “digging up bones” in this writing but reflecting and healing while looking for Grace both for myself and others always #PeaceBeStill I find the outcome of attacks so detrimental I need days to recover from it scorching my being. I am a #NEGU – NEVER EVER GIVE UP #GPReporter #Patient_Advocate so I will pray, meditate, and find Grace. I feel #SoulfulSunday is the appropriate time to wade into these deep waters. I did not have a choice really — I do not seek or force this moment it comes to fruition from the steps mentioned seeking #Grace. 🙂 <3 <3 <3 ^ the up caret = prayer^^^ with <3

I return to my intent, as a child I never understood why I had a hunger to almost obsessively understand the every bit of information surrounding our history which allowed our human brains to think one could “own” another, or had the right to say one group could drink or eat here but not the other . All (now these words came later – my younger self couldn’t put it into this frame) because they won a “sperm & egg lottery” which none of us has anything to do with in truth. How do you create all of these hate moments based on things ~~~which make as much sense as the dissent within the denominations of the various churches…

Because you know God is not going to have Jesus, St Peter or any other at the pearly Gates of Heaven asking you which denomination are you! Because we have a Baptist, Southern Baptist, Epistle, Methodist, Catholic, Church of God, Assembly Of God, Mormon, Seventh Day Adventist, Christian Church, Jewish Synagogues Lane, Greek Orthodox Blvd, etc you see? Then further break it down for all others who believe but couldn’t see God was God everywhere but human beings made the language muddy.. and did not bother to account for historical context.

Then we go back to the mob and how one would flourish on Social Media without hands, mouths, words, feeding its toxic soup. I do not have to be in an individual’s doctor appointment nor their prayer session with God to know I am accountable for my behavior whether in “real life -one on one” or online “social media” where many homebound-with #ChronicIllness seek support and information. There are layers of ways to not engage with other people, block, mute, unfollow, depending upon the social media platform – the one action – which should not be available to you is to attack, defame, tear apart a life without knowing a person but citing “what you think you know” to give yourself permission to attack someone, when in truth all that “HAD TO BE DONE” was to unfriend, block, unfollow, report if you feel they have done something wrong. There are so many options, but attacking others on social media is not the behavior one would expect of a person trying to contribute in a positive manner for advocacy and awareness. There are millions seeking cures however the mob effect actions are not a true reflection of individuals~~ when they begin to be whipped up into a flurry of anxiety, angst, anger, negativity while the person who has been targeted cannot even respond. The mob mentality by definition uses the innocence of others in its furtive goal to break others. Those innocently involved are not aware they participating in the intentional heartbreak and the overwhelming discouragement of individuals. This social media flurry of unreasonable behavior is not a true reflection of who they would be one-on-one.. I would bet there are kind,caring, regretful people doing the bidding of hate in this moment.

Prior to writing, I had prayed and meditated, as I stated have had a calling for Justice for as long as I can remember. I can now see a piece of my story and why I am where I am. I cannot tell y’all how many times I have watched “To Kill A Mockingbird” “A Time To Kill” I was excited about possibly being able to work it into the curriculum .. I would lose my job for the second time due to this #ChronicIllness & then go onto to lose a third job soon after while in a hospital bed. I digress… understanding the South-Its lack of imprint in my parents -Especially My Dad was fascinating to me. There are areas of the south (for a very sensitive person) which still vibrate from its intense history. Then there is traveling with a southern accent… something as simple as going in for gas can agitate a clerk – speaking slowly can be mistaken for “thinking slowly.” It is an amusing observation if you are “okay” with yourself. I can imagine though, if you are not “okay” with yourself it could be an issue for a potential moment… would that then lead to a projected vent onto a person who did not deserve it at all? This is an example of what I refer to when I say “it is not about me/you” & “Don’t take it personally.” Others operate out of their emotions when in a conversation with you, and these emotions may have nothing to do with you, but they culminate with an inappropriate attack, comment, or action towards you whether in the “mob effect” or on the sidelines of it.

As I sit here today and am stirred from those deep deep places of History, South Africa’s, Apartheid-Nelson Mandela, India -Mahatma Gandhi -Mother Theresa, and Malala Yousafzai

America Martin Luther King Jr, JFK Bobby Kennedy, LBJ, Freedom Riders: Diane Nash & John Lewis (who rode the buses) Rosa Parks, Emmett Till, Medgar Evans, Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, Sojourner Truth, there is more and I did not even touch the surface nor go deep enough. It will be said one is not the other, but hate is hate, and it cannot be justified, explained, clarified, cordoned away with a plea that “we were trying to preserve and protect.” Yes, those are always the words used to excuse the inexcusable” Hateful attacks upon our own fellow human beings never ever “preserve and protect” they denigrate our humanity. It has been proven throughout time.