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  • Debbie 


Gastroparesis and Osteoporosis from the site While I am contemplating #WarriorWednesday and what I can best do to help /advocate in our community in & out. I can still feel the day, as I was returning from town (we live outside city limits)checking the mailbox, I opened a VERY urgent letter about my bone density test and the results. I came in the door to a nurse calling the house. The doctor’s office required me back in Jonesboro as soon as possible. They had never seen bone density results as bad as mine. They were very concerned something would happen before they could tell me how serious the situation was and what we were going to do to begin saving and rebuild what they could of my bone density. I was not yet fifty years old, but I had approximately 83 or so old bones. It was all due to my motility disorders and my malabsorption issues. A strong wind might break my bones … was how I was left feeling… but the situation is? I did the two years of Forteo injections and transitioned into Reclast infusion (once a year) I have done-now my fifth year. I believe it is my last year allowed in the pharmaceutical protocols. The infusions within the treatment plan had worked until until last year, was holding. Last year, I lost density – not much -a small amount but I lost. I also cannot do more than five years, we have to transition onto another choice- I do not know what it will be.. my oral absorption is unreliable. I will try to update here in January to let all know what the solution is to this problem. While I know the layers of motility diseases, POTS, and mitochondrial Malabsorption disease puts me in a rare bucket? I am not alone and neither are you! Here is a link #GPTips for #Advocacy not my best video -so sorry my connection was dragging.

Here is a little help for the nausea

This is a light cold recipe which can calm down some of the burn from GERD (no recipe works for everyone but we try to help!)

And a #Green4GP lime sherbet Float with either ginger ale or sugar free sprite,7up, Twist-Up,

A few scoops of lime sherbet & then pour into however many cold.. ounces to sip with a straw!

If you are up for making the “lime sorbet” in your blender here is the recipe from

A quick and refreshing dairy-free frozen dessert


canned coconut milk (frozen) – 1 13.5 oz can (400 mL)

coconut water – 1/4 cup (60 mL)

lime (skinned) – 1 whole

maple syrup – 2 Tbsp (30 mL)


1 Add all ingredients into Vitamix container in order listed above

2 Use your frozen dessert pre-set or ramp from 1 to 10

3 Blend on high for 60 seconds

4 Use the tamper to push from the corners into the blade

5 Scoop with an ice cream scoop

6 Top with things that make you happy

7 Snap a pic and tag #lifeisNOYOKE

8 Enjoy!

NOTE: Total time says 12 hours. But 99% of that is waiting for the coconut milk cubes to freeze.