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  • Debbie 

How I 9/9/2017

I do some things well, I do not do others well at all. We cope with the hardest moments of lives in different ways. Is your way wrong or right? Who am I to say? I choose my way. I pray you choose your way then there are enough human beings around you with unconditional love to lend support- the support I refer to is not monetary- it confuses everything – no I speak of the priceless love support. Which understands we are all together and can agree to disagree with love by not attacking each other either passive aggressively or just because we “felt better” once something was said, but in truth it never required saying. We lift each in our village in love positivity and optimism. I pray we do not go looking to find the cracks of justification, only to say the ego’s insatiable thrust of verbal vomit, which removes all of the positive ions from the air. I will not participate. I began this statement with “I do not do something’s well?” Here is my “not well” my peace requires positivity, peace, Grace, kindness, patience, joy, self-control, goodness, and Faith (which innately implies Optimism), and love. If your tributary takes a different path, I love you off the dance floor, from the #PeaceBoat.

Positivity and optimism from the #PeaceBoat with love & Prayers *always

*reference the spoon theory Facebook page.

when working from a rationed amount of energy -spoons? You become very very careful about your choices. *

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