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  • Debbie 

#SoulfulSunday 9/10/2017Advocacy 2017

#MakeYourOwnLane I have An Autoimmune disease with the Try Guys on YouTube. (Sorry for the flash of almost nudity & repetitive F____words not normally on my posts.. not judging just not my lane .. it distracts my focus.) key 2 personal #advocacy #Warrior #survival #HR1187 —We are unique, we can’t walk in another’s lane is reinforced with this vides as you take in its essential message. We have so many who have threads of this story(some too close to home) with the scoliosis, chronic pain, anxiety of not being believed, rare diseases, and never ever giving up to ultimately arrive at a diagnosis. This video shows an exterior of “but you don’t look sick!” While at the same time showing behind the joking, playing, and laughing is chronic pain seeking to live a quality of life whatever the diagnosis.