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  • Debbie 

#Chronically #PeacefullyHopeful

How being in a #PeaceBoat works for Chronic Illness – >

On a journey of invisible, incurable illness seeking cures, we change, some good, some different, than anticipated, some not, but we change in our crisis from the bending of the opportunity. How did the #PeaceBoat begin to happen? Step by Step with a great deal of love, support, and Faith.

Along the chronic path, all of the lessons while holding hands with positivity and optimism were walked while looking up. ^^^ I fell, stumbled, cried, became injured, made many mistakes, failed many, many, many times, fought many battles, was told I did not have long to live, was told 9 yrs later I was past my expiration date, am now 2 yrs past that date, and I continue to believe the advocacy journey will find our cures. The #PeaceBoat along with the #IAmOkayNow speaking what I believe and anticipate to receive as my “okay now” reality. This has been my blueprint foundation for my chronic walk from moment to moment. Many of the chronic warriors upon being asked, “How are you?” Will respond, “I am okay.” I did for years. This is a piece of the reasoning behind #IAmOkayNow along with speak, believe, received

I arise each day open to the joy of possibilities.

Some would perhaps call me delusional because the majority of my days do not make it far from my “Command Station aka Bed/recliner with all of my devices (laptop temporarily out to lunch -it has a patchouli cold -Dear Steven is working on getting it resolved ) iPads, hotspot, , Sony screen, a bunch of my journals personal and #CureGP, books, cd’s Bose , remote controlled candles, can’t wait for daylight savings time to officially begin & ring the bell into October(for me October is a Glitter Month of perfection where everything shines -) ->fall & crisp cool colored leaves making you relish the twilight sparkle hours. You feel as if you are at a candlelight dinner arranged without the pressure to eat or buy anything or go anywhere. You can be snug as bug in your comfy clothes, wrapped in your comfy throw with double comfy socks, & a slouch hat.

The chance of a new song, a new learning, a new understanding behind a scripture or prayers decades or centuries ago, a new treatment, a new medication, new research, clinical trials, reading/seeing another warrior’s blog/vlog, a new recipe for a smoothie/soup which may contain an herb centuries old as an aid for digestion(nausea-vomiting), GERD, inflammation, any new aspect or tangential item which could improve the quality of life for a chronic warrior, and the ability to spend a few moments in advocacy for all on this journey. Every lil bit of this story while being a hopeful, positive, optimistic, peaceful advocate cog is an exciting journey from the #PeaceBoat emphasis on peace – a cold waterfall reflecting all the colors in a misty fog like diamonds. I pray you have a warm cup of tea, coffee, or whatever comforting beverage warms you as you sip and enjoy your peace, Grace, & Love.

It is an honor to be an advocate #GPReporter aka #Patient_Advocate to have a purpose in prayer_hope_peace_chronic_Gracefully help another see how they can help others by simply being themselves. #GPReporters being the only one of a kind of them on the planet. Thank you with much love from one lil cog on the #CureGP #Cures journey.

If you catch me in the #PeaceBeStill moment it is a moment leading towards #IAmOkayNow whatever level you find me in … we will find a way to be #ChronicallyPeacefulHopeful

Side note: I cannot tell you how many times I have had to remind myself a head splitting migraine, the kind which precludes movement of any kind, (it induces vomiting because of the pressure from your head.. so you do not move for anything –> until it is absolutely necessary) will not kill me. I may feel as if I am going to pass out from pain, but I am not going to die from a migraine. I use my biofeedback, meds, and I move past each episode. I also remind myself in the waves of debilitating nausea and abdominal pain – I will ride inside this wave – I will move beyond this moment with biofeedback, meds, & visualization – I move through and beyond these moments. These are the moments of adversity, crisis, chronic, which have steered me towards the #PeaceBoat