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  • Debbie 

Looking For The Latest on 9/27/2017 #CureGP

Sometimes you stumble upon something you thought you knew about—> Alternate medicine for Gastroparesis

I found this lil morsel of information on the

While looking for the newest treatments available or on deck for Gastroparesis or Motility Disorders.

When you are diagnosed with a Motility Disorder like Gastroparesis or chronic Intestinal PseudoObstruction or Colonic Inertia or all of them you do everything alternative or holistic you can do to treat or heal yourself of this/these diagnosis. You change, alter, adjust, add, subtract, or manage your diet to address your malfunctioning/ malabsorptive digestive tract.

(You literally try all alternatives put before you in a desperate search to reacquaint your body with its original purpose… food,into mouth, down the esophagus ,stomach, small intestine, large intestine—which includes the rectum—and anus. ..To finally its completion of expelling waste… in might be an indelicate way of stating the obvious truth…but we all do this process.. if we are blessed with a FUNCTIONAL DIGESTIVE TRACT!

Rikkunshito, as I began to do more research on this alternative medicine Japanese herbs a mix of nine different herbs “Kampo” I became frustrated on my search for knowledge because I suddenly am assaulted by “eating disorder” term which we battle from day 1. I will again state – we do not judge anorexia nervosa’- nor do we have an issue with anyone diagnosed with

this disease. We just wish to bring clarity to our diagnosis and be understood that we are in a totally different lane. We do not “choose” to not eat! We are STARVING!!! We do this thing called CHEAT EATING- it is so very painful – for some of us- because the food just sits there and sits there— then it will go to the large intestine (the colon) and it will not do its job either. Which then leads some of us to a colectomy (some of us are direct connected with a portion of our large intestine to our rectum, then anus, some have an ileostomy/which may be temporary or may be -after physical therapy- then will be reconnected to the rectum-> anus.. ) what I would like to share from my experience, which was in 2000 (so there may be changes -I may be unaware of ), the bravery and courage of our community. I was told before going into my colectomy surgery I had no guarantee of direct sectioning. My Doctor would not know until he went in whether he would be able to do a total colectomy or I would awaken with an ileostomy. In 2000, I did not have the option of physical therapy with an ileostomy for awhile then return for another surgery to do the direct connection. What I will say, is I have never ever regretted the colectomy, for me, it was absolutely the best quality of life decision. Do I have a perfect quality of life? No, I do not. I still have 5- 7 inches of large intestine which does not function with motility issues. The chronic Intestinal PseudoObstruction syndrome with Colonic Inertia and Gastroparesis along with mitochondrial Malabsorption has caused two more surgical obstructions since the colectomy, but I also am not crawling on the floor passing out with pain. I am not exaggerating one bit, when I tell you (sorry for the uncomfortable facts – constipation is still a taboo topic in many ways.. this has to change. We all eat and we need to be able to discuss bowel habits at the same ease.) being on the toilet with a bowl throwing up and trying to move your bowels /which are swinging between horrendously painful hemorrhoids with fissures (requiring surgical repair) and diarrhea which is liquid because you cannot move the approximate three feet of solid bile waste from your body. The ramifications of a body and its lack of motility build up over time. A fixation on a lack of motility does no one good, but it must be understood and seen. We believe/no we know- when we are seen and are understood we will find cures.

Rikkunshito . This Japanese herbal formula also contains nine herbs. It may help reduce abdominal pain and the feeling of post-meal fullness.