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  • Debbie 

#ShareAStorySaturday #GPVoguePhotoShoot



Happy #ShareAStorySaturday on this #CureGP journey as we begin to put our summer to bed, let me share a part of my story. Y’all cannot be on my page long without knowing my story includes The Great Smoky Mountains.

As I went to look for my visual inspiration in “Great Smoky Mountain Images” I see all of these lil lights & upon closer inspection they are “synchronized fireflies” a summer event! I love moments where you receive two-fold or more inspiration! This checks those boxes & more!! I hope it does for you too!

I was taken there from the summer I was born until the fall before my Dad passed away .. we were living not far from the park when he passed away. We always spent the summer there and sometimes a fall and for those of you who know about east TN, churches, and October? Then you know about hayrides, RockyTop and sometimes this includes visits with Church groups to the park in Gatlinburg, TN. Therefore, I share with you the source of my visual inspiration. When I need an image to “transport” my mind into a peaceful place meditative prayer I use the pictures and information I share with you. When in physical pain using biofeedback and meditation –> I use a visual image to bring my blood pressure and heart rate at a level to decrease the pain. If I have an image to hold in my mind, it is sometimes easier to focus my mind away from the pain. If the pain levels are high with insomnia, I have found an effective technique. The technique is a very very simple song sung repetitively in my mind, not out loud, but like a chant almost overlaying it and sometimes before you know it? You are drifting into sleep. I cannot tell you your song, we know our song, it is something familiar and known.

#Gastroparesis #FGIMD #HR1187

#IBS #ThisLittleLightOfMineImGonnaLetItShine #TogetherWeFightTogetherWeWin

When we gather together #GPSynced synchronized for a cure all 5+ million to save live our lives with our #Green4GP to #CureGP lights 24/7/365 in advocacy against invisible incurable – our lights can take us to #Cures they can create Change bring #QualityOfLife We can make our world see the need for successful treatments and research. Our small steps can create big change! In Victory for #Cures #CureGP

May you be blessed with comfort, strength, peace, healing & a Fedora hat!

Why? I fedora you!

Yes it was almost a year ago in October but truly Fedora’s never go out of style! When you know your style? Then whatever you choose to rock with confidence is “in style” no opinions are needed! Much love my dear ones! <3 <3 <3 hearts & spoons 3 spoons for energy & 3 hearts for those who know – know. Much love, love, love… unconditionally.~~~Agape-ly when you love words so much you begin to add your versions and unique words to the mix!

Our #ChronicWarriors come in all sizes, shapes, ages, genders, colors, socioeconomic backgrounds, countries, continents, states, there is nothing predictable about Motility issues except suffering occurs of some level. When your digestive tract does not function it creates issues of some sort. Whether it is nausea, vomiting, pain, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, and endless tests/procedures to diagnose and/or manage your Motility issues with or without Autoimmune disease with or without diabetes it is a hard issue to manage. We need/require everything requested in our Motility Bill HR1187.