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  • Debbie 

Call to Action

#ThankfulThursday advocacy is a constant companion for a #GPWarrior #GPReporter aka #Chronic #Patient_Advocate We seek to find inspiration in its darkest of moments. There are weeks when your body and outside forces seem as if they are plotting against you personally, but they are not– how can I say this? Because I know in my soul resides peace & optimism. Their companion is my Faith which tells me there is another path.

So, it cannot be all of the glitches, the massive wi-fi shortage, the chronic of it all, and app glitches times three.

We are very determined to find a way to gather cosponsors for HR1187 our Motility Bill.

We are in the initial stages of trying to see if this is up correctly on Capitol Call.

The same process with please, use the link to download the voices app to your phone to get a number and a script to then request your representative cosponsor HR1187 our Motility Bill.

Please remember, there are technical difficulties with this process (your patience & help will be greatly appreciated) I am praying that with our combined effort & teamwork we can make progress. I am hoping between the two apps, if one is not accessible the other will work.

I will now circle back to how everything around you seems to be going wrong or doors are slamming — this does not mean things are going badly. Nor does it mean the world is against us. Nope, what I glean from these moments is … I need to slow everything down and look to see what I am supposed to be seeing. I am missing an opportunity to feel more peace. So, I breathe slower and calm everything down so everything can start falling back into place. Because everything will be okay.