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  • Debbie 

This is My Hope

This is my hope for you, the child I love so dearly.

I hope you learn to love yourself as much I did the moment I saw your face.

I hope money, lack of or abundance of, never determines your self-worth.

I hope you see impossible as a challenge and not a stumbling block.

I hope simple things make you smile or give you peace, so the larger things can’t can’t break your spirit.

I hope the sight of a mountain or ocean or ocean give tingles up and down your spine.

I hope you know that someone else’s pain is ultimately your own.

Therefore, should be felt deeply and regarded with empathy and understanding.

I hope patriotism = humanism= kindness. (Written in over 10 year’s ago)

I hope you remember one vote, one kindness, one starfish back in the ocean makes a difference.

I hope you choose choices and not apathy.

I hope love rules your heart with positive outlooks and not negative forecast.

Because if you believe it can happen, it can!

I hope, If negatives, come a knock’in on your door?

You will keep answering with positive greetings.

Because eventually you will come out ahead, if you keep faith in yourself.

I hope you always hear a song in your heart.

Because you are definitely a song in my heart.

I love you child. <3