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  • Debbie 

Happy Thanksgiving “My Dear Family” 2006

Happy Thanksgiving “MY DEAR FAMILY 2006”

I am bringing y’all forward with us to The Thanksgiving 2017 and praying / hoping our #GPReporting #Advocacy can bring positivity & optimism with love to all this year!

In March of 2006 I received a permanent Gastric Electrical Stimulator it was a part of my #ChronicLife with #MotilityDisorders #Gastroparesis #CIP #ColonicInertia #MitochondrialMalabsorption #POTS My “Gastric Pacemaker” wasn’t a fit for me because of my complications and complicated issues with these diseases! I do not think my issues should dissuade someone else from their chance at a better quality of life! A chance at a life without debilitating nausea, vomiting, pain, and less dehydration & malnutrition!

So, in 2006, I took the opportunity to express what I feel like should be an everyday THANK YOU!

I also wanted the family, of which y’all are now a part of our #GPFamily, to know ->Thanksgiving is not about the food! It is the joy!

We are engaging in the most amazing holiday ever! Especially, if we can reinforce the main course! The visiting with the Family! We actually could skip the shopping altogether! If we could exchange names during Thanksgiving and agree to just do the kids and our “one adult to take the “Pressure” off and increase the joy of the holidays!”

Allowing us to go back to the core of the holidays and their meaning would be phenomenal!

May you all be blessed with comfort and strength<3

This was my letter to my family in November of 2006,

I want take this moment to thank each of you, verbally express, in my “verbeleeze”

Because otherwise I might digress (Stephen and Jessica’s most recent contribution to the vocabulary-word bank in my monkey brain swirl)

I wish to tell you what makes my heart swell with thanks each and every day, every moment, every breath. The pride, joy. Love, heart, and memories you bring into my existence with every breath you breathe.

So, I give thanks for the moments, for those who ride in the sky, who fly by the stars and brush by our hearts when we are in the dark in a full sunshine. You do this too, for this, I give piece or parts.

I give it all.

This is what I mean, when I write these words of “Thanks!” I mean it all.

I mean it all!

In the winds of change,

In the breeze of another shade tree

On the cast of another waterfall,

Whether you choose this dance or not at all

Storms which swell and smell like heaven on earth will always be at our beck and call.

I will always sit in the peace of love and thanks for the blessings of family whether born or gifted, chosen or selected, it is one and the same. You shall always remain, even if your lips or mine never ever hear our names the hearts speaks, then the mind knows that language in any time frame.

It never forgets a heart and soul image, forever it remains.

I give thanks, to which this will always be a joy to me.