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  • Debbie 

Advocacy thoughts

In 2006 when my blog was set up by my Dear Steven son,

I chose it from the perspective of speak it, believe it, receive it, and the journey I would be blogging about would not be about “me” but the message-service!

I still have a few years of blogging to be uploaded no one has seen yet.. just a logistics issue – data –

I could never have known God had this advocacy journey waiting on me in this way! So blessed .. and I am even more sure it is about #Iamokaynow I put (Deb) so people know they have landed in the right place. In 2006 there was not an “IamokayNow” Now? There are numerous “IamokayNow’s” ….. It was time to “turn the page” BeBo Norman – God Voice -God Winks – inside voice style. I really am not crazy.

I do things in the way I tell others “Be you” Grace for yourself & others . I am honored to be a cog in this advocacy journey. I have to pinch myself daily to make sure it is real. I really get to help! The lady who was fired twice because she couldn’t stay in classroom with nausea, vomiting, swinging diarrhea with constipation, back  and forth dehydration. I/we had no way of knowing the magnitude of the undiagnosed illness/s which had been happening for a long time, but NO ONE could have put all of these pieces together to solve the big picture. My parents of my (school) kids were gracious enough to fight for me after a hysterectomy/appendectomy. I was pricelessly blessed with love, kindness, Grace, empathy, gentleness, all of it from My family God, Teaching family, — when it came back and I had to try to reach out to new medical specialists to try to find answers the fight became difficult but their hearts were the same and no one- no one. … could have had to make a harder decisions than they did. Every time I have to tell this story I feel a huge rush of love for everyone who had touched a piece of this story. Because I was and still am very private, a lot of this story remained quiet. At the beginning, there were no answers to finish the story. Then it was also grouped with the part 3 of the story — my 3 Strikes and you are out. I wanted to work, I wanted to live my life.. I could not believe me.. who had managed to face so many things over my life through Faith, with God, Love, prayer, family my inner well of resources I had always gone to.. and if I went there quietly with patience… slowly.. repetitively.. not too close together … but enough .  for this world .. this whatever’s it is to know I Am I am I am i am i am … eventually whomever, whoever, wherever, whatever, whenever, whichever, etc will come to the understanding of our hearts- yes I am. I was fired from my hospital bed during this 90 day probation period. I can now look back and see how this was absolutely the most rational decision for their benefit and ultimately for me. Now, at the time, and for many years later? I really could not see, feel, understand, or balance those emotions in a beneficial way. My life had been yanked out from under me… I was in a masters class and had my graduate, leading to doctorate plan in place. Up to this point, anything I had put a plan in place for, to this degree -I had accomplished. Do you see? I apparently needed a lesson on not being able to reach a goal with perseverance, but it has only increased my determination to reach the goal. I know it is the way I/we are meant to be in this world. Positivity with equal parts of optimism. I am not failing, but learning a new step.

You may not see it, I may not see it, they may not see it, we may not see it, but it is here. Faith tells us we are making a difference, crisis into opportunity.

I will speak it, believe it, receive it, and never need to know nor be acknowledged cause Faith did that Amen Sēläh–> #AllIsWell see that emoji ? Oh shoot I forgot I cannot put emojis on here! It is the little yellow lights three together they are t’s .. Look closely at the glitter my friend. We do not hide our lights under a bushel oh No!! We are going to let our lights shine! —> 3-crosses -large cross -two small- yep – sure is the Trinity loving all things 3,6,9 .. We bring love, light, kindness, joy, gentleness, Faith, patience,Grace,Love,(always love to dance at others dreams coming true) The world is a happier place when happiness is happening.

A side note:

When I began this blog in 2006/07 with the amazing help of Dear Steven (Dear Steven means my son for clarity because there are three Steven’s in our family and in a verbal conversation it helps me to not revert to his childhood name 🙂

Back to the thought, Lord help me focus, in 2006 I was stating a truth in belief of my GES – Gastric Pacemaker, but it failed for me in a 1/God knows probability (not worth the mind clutter) . My positivity and optimism with Faith will never fail me. Thereby, you have @iamokaynow (Deb) so now you know it is me.

I never dreamed of copyrighting the phrase. We googled it in 2006/07, to be sure the domain was available & I was not stealing someone else’s info. There are now a lot of “I am okay now” online with alternative translations in meaning, but of no concern to me because I know who, what, where, and why I speak. I did not dream of the opposite occurrence, but it is okay 🙂 now. It always will be. I have earned my place of continuous progress in a Peace & Grace for myself & others philosophy through prayer & meditation with God. Jehovah-Rapha Jehovah-Shalom Yahweh Amen Sēläh #PeaceBoat Peace Be Still – while this is my path, I will lift you on your path without judgement. When I say I will lift you in unconditional love and unconditional support, I mean it.

I do not attack others nor do I choose to follow others who attack others. It is a personal decision from my internal empathy scale. I lift others and if I do not agree with something they are saying? I remain silent on that particular comment & moment.

We work together better when we communicate and agree to disagree.

What does not work, is for verbal Molotov cocktails to be thrown at people who are sick and then tell them they are not the right kind of sick.

We are #GPReporters aka #Patient_Advocates

How do we communicate when a conversation is a minefield and we do not have enough mental clarity nor energy to even filter through it, most of the time. We are all malnourished and dehydrated we MUST come together, when possible, and support each other. Never be an attacker, if you find yourself in these shoes. Please step back before you post or comment.

  • Ask yourself “What am I trying to say and why?”
  • The comments/ post will be about you more than the person you are writing about
  • What are you about to say about yourself, put yourself in their shoes.

  • Base your statements about our community on the facts you know to be true about yourself- no one but you and your Doctor know your medical information. If someone else does, your HIPPA rules have been violated, this is a serious matter.

  • The “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You” is our best guidance in our role as advocates (and life). The more we model the kind, positive, and loving support of each other, the healthier we will all be, both mentally and physically. The two aspects of health, physical and mental, are directly related within our body. Our spiritual health can directly impact both of the aforementioned health issues. Whatever spiritual path you choose, it can help you be a healthier you. It is a documented fact.