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  • Debbie 

We Will Find You

Happy #Green4GP #FactFriday on the #CureGP Journey #WeWillFindYou “We Will Find You” by Lecrae ft Tori Kelly

lifting up all chronic community’s in pain sending love. The St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital & #Cancer survivors or those #RIPAngels in both of our communities

-> #Motility

We in the Motility Disorder Community, connect greatly to the words and content in this video because chronic is chronic, incurable, incurable, pain, pain. We all want our communities to know that #WeWillFindYou – while we may fall down, we will #NEGU = never ever give up. We all feel low, in those moments, we reach out to trusted friends, Faith communities, nonprofit advocacy groups, support group friends. Let’s just speak about these good friends and how you build friendships overtime slowly; FaceTime, speak on the phone, build a real life relationship- because we must be careful on-line. I feel we must clarify between casual questions in support groups, which is a different situation than becoming friends with your chronic friends. There is a great value in these friendships! No one knows what our bodies go through like another #Warrior with the same diagnosis. Sometimes there are sisters and brothers placed in your life who are a Godsend. I have a group of friends who are so very dear to me, prayer warriors. I have a GP Sister whom I have been walking with since 2006. We met with her and her husband twice. We have spent countless hours on the phone and FaceTime when we can. @AprilGP has a wonderful idea of #BuddyCheck. Her page is she is an an example of a beautiful sister/friend. We must be wise on this crazy internet world y’all – be safe!

Then there are the wonderful nonprofit groups who are resources for us; our amazingly talented, beautiful, Founder/President Maryangela DeGrazia-DiTucci providing a beacon of Hope since 1991 and our Equally amazing advocacy group lobbying on our behalf in Congress most recently for #HR1187 Tegan Gaetano & Ceciel Rooker, thank you, for your leadership and support with empathetic advocacy on our behalf.

When we say #WeWillFindYou and #WeSeeYou #WeHearYou

On the

#CureGP journey it is about you, me, us, all of being empathetic and kind raising each other in kindness. Never seeking to promote ourselves over cures or you which is why I mention the nonprofit organizations I do – they have consistently lifted the communities since 1991. I truly appreciate their kindness and advocacy for our communities. We rise by lifting others. Thank you!

Thanksgiving is approaching, but I try to stay in a daily mode of #Thankfulness none of us know our tomorrow, whether we are living with a chronic invisible, incurable illness or living life. This is a truth in fact.


These are all about you and finding you where you are. We want to empower, educate, inspire, and ignite your advocacy fire so you can light for another #Warrior #PassATag #BeABuddy #IAMThe1 #WeCare4U #AmenBeAtGP4sure

#GP = #Gastroparesis = #Motility Issues = #Diabetes = #Idiopathic = #Mito = #AutoImmuneDisease = #TogetherWeFightTogetherWeWin #1Voice1Cure

There is a time and a place for all things

There is a time and a place for all humans

Humanity demands it to be in empathy

We must find cures for #GP

We will find you

Hope and optimism are not thoughts

They are the belief in things unseen

We aren’t crazy

We know time has proven us to believe

In the very things which seem too hard or far away

With the prayers in the dark,

The cries in pain

The force of our mutual cells moving these thoughts have more power than you know.

Think I am slightly off – too different – too out there?

Grace has given an answer – we lift you up

Time is too precious and we must be about the

Thought, prayers, Positivity, Optimism, love, Peace, Patience, Faith, Goodness, Joy, Gentleness,

Do you see now?

We must seek to be about #CureGP

Stay focused – Don’t go down the rabbit hole-

#GPFog will consume


Stay focused

#WeWillFindYou #Cure GP #FactFriday #Green4GP

Much much love with blessings

In Victory for #Cures #CureGP