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  • Debbie 

Sweet Potatoes Soup


On the #CureGP journey

I decided to try to do a recipe with thoughts and advocacy interwoven into the post. When I was making the soup I took pictures while I was doing it, because I knew I was very GP foggy. I was then able to go into the app for adobe spark page and make the presentation. I hope this has created a presentation with advocacy for #TakeABite4GP empathetic worldwide campaign joined with #CureGP. We combine the two campaigns with #HR1187 raise the volume for advocacy and help bring #GPReporters together.

When we join April, AGMD, IFFGD along with our many #GPReporters all sharing and advocating for the increased awareness … it helps!! We have had 2 more cosponsors on #HR1187 y’all! THANK YOU!! We are making a difference!!!Here are the links again please share them with everyone you know! <<<— between these two?

We should be able to make contact with representatives in all 50 states and move our Motility Bill onto the floor of the House of Representatives

#AmenBeAtGP4Sure we can absolutely do this #PassATag be a #GPReporter + #GPWarrior #ChronicWarrior do a #BuddyCheck #WeWillFindYou #LoveYou unconditionally #SupportYou unconditionally