We begin our #GPReport this Saturday with an inspirational message to create a #Tummy “aHa!” What in the world is a #Tummy “aHa?” Is this what you are wondering? It is anything, anything …which creates positivity, good, kind, loving, joyful, exciting, anticipation of optimism while on our #CureGP journey! #Spiritual “aHa’s” Each day, 24/7/365 we invite everyone to join us in the #TakeABite4GP empathic worldwide Campaign.

fb.takeabite4gp.org www.takeabite4gp.org

We additionally request, in the #USA, for all representatives to please cosponsor our #MotilityBill out of committee, onto the floor of The House of Representatives, Senate, & prayerfully to be signed by the President. If you are a resident of the USA, please ask your Representative to cosponsor #HR1187. #FGIMD #IBS #CROHNS #UlcerativeColitis Motility is of our guts impacts us all from the first bite we take til it leaves our body! Motility digestive tracts blessed with a functioning capacity top to bottom. If it is broken… anywhere along the way?

Our #Advocacy with #GPReporting brings #Tummy “aHa’s!” top to bottom seeing everyone #WeSeeYou #WeHearYou #WeCare #Spiritual “aHa’s!” #ABeaconOfHope

https://goo.gl/LFpHPE. https://goo.gl/goU9Ft. <<< links to capitol call app & Facebook Town hall to access your Representatives in the USA. We would greatly appreciate your assistance!

H.R. 1187 our Motility Bill summary http://goo.gl/uSDPZk

Why do I mention all of these resources? #Tummy “aHa’s” Advocacy actions are truly a blessing. #Spiritually & #Physically = #Tummy “aHa’s!” When we give and help? We receive back approximately ten-fold in return. Not in money, not in gifts, not in any tangible way… no it is priceless, what am I speaking of? Acts of kindness, true giving and helping creates a release of “feel good” in our bodies.

We are well aware of what occurs when stress is injected into our body. The same hormone is released in conflict, negativity or pessimism.

If we purposely begin create an atmosphere of giving (by giving…I mean in advocacy- through whichever venues you have available… no money or gifts .. this is pure advocacy 🤗) and positivity.

We are actively seeking a way to be out of the box for #Awareness! Through this process of virtually “changing your space” your Tummy “aHa’s” can become altered through a modification of spiritual “aHa’s!”




#WeSeeYou #WeHearYou #WeCare #Spiritual “aHa’s!” #ABeaconOfHope << #AGMD