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  • Debbie 

Gastroparesis Positive Thinking – Not Oz

The road to positive thinking is not like Dorothy on the road to Oz. No, it is entirely different. It is not “click our ruby-red heels three times” say the well-known words. The chronic warrior must be mindful, diligent, with practice, prayerful/meditatively/biofeedback/counseling/therapy a layering of all of the aforementioned along with a myriad of support systems.. medical,family, friends, prayer warriors-if applicable. All of these must be applied to keep our positive/optimistic journey in place.

It is not understood, how much of a hindrance, #GPFog is to our Chronic Warriors. When new issues of any type are introduced into the Chronic Warrior’s life they struggle through this #GPFog depending on the severity of the issues? The longer it takes to accomplish tasks which used to take moments… the fog.. add in a bit of monkey brain… distractions. Not even a blade of #Green4GP grass is simple inside of our minds. i.e. a bamboo infuser mist button 1-3-6 hour- or automatic
and a LED light button… in a #GPFog brain which cannot process– the two buttons must be connected… making mist complicated. thank God for hubby…I suppose if hubby had not been here I would have watched a YouTube video.. I write all of this not to embarrass myself, but in hopes of helping another Chronic Warrior’s support team understand. I struggle to complete sentences sometimes… it is not .. NOT..because I am not trying hard enough. I would like you to picture a wire with its coating broken or your iphone or android cord split. Can you put that cord back together? You can put some electrical tape over it for a while, but you cannot alter the course of its deterioration. This is our #GPFog.
We must be persistent against all things which take us away from positivity and optimism