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  • Debbie 

The Bear and The Burden

The burden and the bear
We sometimes know not what to wear,
the clothes seem to hide what is not shown.
A burden is not inside. What we must hide?
The place that came about one day from inside?
We were hunting and being the warrior we would find, the one we always knew was there~
It would awake upon
the arrival of an unknown.
Both of us came alive
and died a small death piece by piece on the same journey that made us more awake that death
could ever take us.
Into a cave we were taken, to an unknown, so many were not there, yet, more would we find here, in our remote home of one.
The fight had begun.
The one of a cub up a tree and the mother searching in the winter months we were one.
No fat had we stored.
Our breath seemed unfamiliar not of our own.
Up a mountain we would have to go and meet many obstacles upon our road to teach our survival, it was not of the fittest, it is of the single-mindedness of a nagual with God above, thinking with Gandhi, sitting to tea with Mother Theresa, and breaking bread with no one at all.
We take from the tree of life what is not from inside ~ is in the air, water, and fire.
From within we stay only on our path towards a rarefied destiny.
Our minds hold the spirituality of forbearance a body will not tolerate.
A multitude of questions learned to celebrate, each glances taken at our fur are of no consequence.
We eat the dance of a quest made simple by necessity.
Laugh instead of cry to make a knot dissipate inside. Cool, cold, and clear the stream we now cross brings to bear no burden.
We have become our own champion. Least not forget fall comes before the victory; it is the wait that takes you there, where you never suspected to go, but knew an answer of unknown.
My what a long road says the bear to the mountaintop.
It was there all along the fog in which there was the loss arose the answers one by one.
The food that could not be stored was the blessing to this light here on Rocky top.
The cold rush soothed the burning fire, while the cold water rushed to cool the burning rage inside you, where no answers were the best to be found.
Not in the ground, but here in the sky.
A walk in the solitude takes a lonely cub into a bear with fortitude.
December 9, 2006