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  • Debbie 

The Patriot


It seems the American dream has stalled.
Division, chaos, hate and fear threaten to consume us all
the bickering from Both sides of the political aisle needs to stop
I think congress should be put on a time clock
Let them Work a 8-12 hours a day with minimum pay
Bet they would soon see things our way.
The poor and the middle class are suffering the most. While Trump is at Mar-a-Lago worried about being the best host. He promised to work for the people and be America’s salvation. Instead he stays on extended golfing vacations. Many are just plain fed up with the lies and dissension. Do your jobs and fix the healthcare system.
Our leaders need to be moral, just, and true. They are supposed to represent the needs of we the people, the red, the white, and, the blue! Instead, today they fill their coffers with the swipe of a pen.  While giving 300 billion dollar contracts to their elite friends. Offering tax breaks to the rich while starving the poor.  I imagine, to the rich my verses are a bore Tho many may not agree, I’m speaking from my heart. I’m tired of watching our county and constitution being torn apart!
Now things are escalating and a nuclear war is so very near.  Yet our leader chooses to tweet and to jeer.  It is time to solve some problems and stay off twitter.
Maybe the government should invest in a Presidential babysitter.  The time is now for the sane to rise and make a pact. Stop allowing and believing those alternative facts. Stand up and demand the truth and an end to this treacherous season.  Ask our leaders, no matter their party , to arise with clarity , purpose, and reason.  It’s time to stop the chaos and usher in peace.  People are scared and want the stupidity to cease.
So come on America…
it’s time to rise up a demand!  Integrity and truth from those who rule our great land!  Rise up , rise up and band together in peaceful demonstration  It’s time for “we the people” to save this great nation !
Signed: The Patriot
written anonymously
posted by Deb