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  • Debbie 

My Steps Are In Accord

My Steps Are In Accord With Prayers/the Universe

What do I mean? I would like you to picture a walkway say 100 yards long. The length of a football field. It is approximately 3 feet wide. When the river is down you can see cracked dry clay/mud under the riverwalk. When the river is close to cresting it is like walking on water, because the water it is very near the bottom of the structure. When you begin to walk and look around you, if you are connected to your physical self, mental, emotional, spiritual, and rational self. Suddenly a moment hits my chest and my legs are difficult to move. This only happens when my inner voice is telling me I am in the wrong place, at the wrong time. It is up to me to choose if I listen or not. I equate this to lifting your leg mid-step, suddenly your leg will not finish its step. It is capable of taking the step, but if you are in attune with your spiritual self or the universe… then you are literally unable to take that step in a situation in which you need to make a change, alteration, turn a corner, not enter a store, etc. I sincerely hope I am stating this clearly because it is very important. I am NOT psychic, nor able to tell the future in any way shape or form. I am saying we all have an inner voice. We all have a GPS guidance system inside of us. We hear it loudly as children, but as we grow up it is almost trained out of us, sadly. Our dreaming, imaginative, technicolor, truthful innocence is gradually diluted into oblivion. If you walk with Jesus in His secret garden you know imagination is a highly prized quality. There is no need to fear the most magical of all gifts in this universe. If you see this life as the Universe then there is even more reason to prize the dreaming, technicolor inner warrior gift and our internal guide. It is with love I implore you to join us in this journey. We walk in 2018 with #2By2 #advocacy
it is a beautiful gift to us all to have March 9th “A Wrinkle In Time” with a beautiful message of #InnerWarriors I see, feel an Agape Love from God and do not feel a need to preach, but share Peace, Love, Joy, Kindness, Faith, Goodness, Patience, Self-Control, & Gentleness towards all —>>>I really want everyone to know what I mean when I say “this connection to our spirituality brought the #PeaceBoat Prayers & a greater understanding of a #Peace-that PassethAllUnderstanding #PeaceBeStill “
The gift of connectiveness leads to sooooooooooo many amazing gifts!