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  • Debbie 


I hope and pray.

Each and every single day,

my actions, words, interactions, physically, spiritually show you my truth.

The truth of my legacy.

The Wheel of Legacy- from which – I am a cog- a peon – it is far larger, grander, more meaningful, than I, but I humbly try to show honor to those who are no longer here with us. The legacy of service, which seems to an inherent part of my legacy, I pray, my day fulfills its destination each & every day. The way in which optimism and positivity with Faith also is inherent. There are so many tiny moments – GodWinks, Affirmations , Miracles, Acknowledgements, of Works at work. As is, the responsibility to show, give, extend kindness to all.

We are all the same.

Same dreams, same body parts, same internal organs, same hopes and dreams for our children. We have the same goals of good health. We have the same types of a fierce fighting spirit, if forced to deal with a diagnosis of an incurable illness. We are all the same fierce “MAMA BEARS” if we are told something threatens the well-being of our children.

We are all the same.
My legacy, like your legacy has a purpose, connecting us all together.
Our geographical location does not matter at all! It is of no importance. We are human beings.

We are bound together by an intangible chord stronger than any physical object. It is unbreakable. It is also very real. Our human empathy of one towards another is this chord. Our unconditional love and support of fellow humanity.

I truly pray my life reflects my legacy … They blessed me with an amazingly beautiful sapphire stone in my/our foundation. Never ever do/will I take my legacy for granted. Thank you.So very much

Our Truth of being the – Same – human – empathetic – kindness – reinforces our truth of ONE-of-a-kind one of you! Be blessed standing in your truth of your DNA- with your legacy.

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