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We See Advocates

Advocates #GPReporters #ChronicWarriors #Warriors #Communicators #Helpers #Friends

advocates lift others on a regular basis, they enter & leave a space making others feel a positivity in the worst of times, regardless of the circumstances. They know the impact of emotional waves & how they ripple through our community. They know how to speak truth without negativity nor pessimism in our deepest, darkest of valleys & lift us up onto the mountaintop. They remind us we are #WarriorEagles!

This is what great Advocates do on a moment by moment basis day in day out with Grace. Advocates who have special ingredient/s empathetic compassion caring unconditional support for our humanity. They always raise us up with blessings of encouragement in our community. They know the more we raise each other up the better we all will be as human beings. Advocates who join together tightening their bonds, leaving no one on the valley floor, the higher they bring up the deep valley. The more bridges, the fewer warriors are stranded without a way across their chronic illness. Great Advocates are always laying down the crumbs/touchstones/bits of light to navigate our chronic journey. We are a family… blood or not.. as we raise up all #Warriors #Invisible2Visible #Incurable2Curable This is how Great Advocates move, change, #1Voice1Cure #TogetherWeFightTogetherWeWin #StrongerTogether They use every tool available to them! #WeHearYou #WeSeeYou #WeFeelYou #WeAreYou #TagUs so we can #TagYou #2By2 in 2018 is how we are reaching out to create change this year! #24_7_365 Advocates are always seeking a way to tell others #YouAreNotAlone & while #YouAreAOneOfAKind #Beautiful #Unique #Courageous We are here to tell you we understand and are ready to help advocate with & for you #Empower you to speak your #GPTruth your #ChronicTruth we all deserve to be #Validated and we all have a story … in the area of #DigestiveDisease from the outside it may seem like it is a 1+1=2 story, but for those of us living it? We know it is NOT! We have a symptom chart with variations & degrees. I will try to add a copy of this here for you soon. We do not all have all of these symptoms & it is not always the same day to day .. not even the same 6 hours from 6 hours.. nor even 3to 2 nor even 1 hour to 1 Hour … this is how

We came came up with the meme.

(Thank you April & Kimberly)

Great Advocates will lift others. They share their truth with the understanding that their truth is like their DNA. Each person’s diagnosis and chronic illness/journey should be looked at from the viewpoint of our DNA.

Then, if they are Faith based? They have a resource library & readings ready. If they meditate an app like Chill & The Four Agreements. Compliment the Beatitudes.

Life is not a competition, but a temporary series of chances to be filled with joyous moments. We can meet these moments with encouragement and empathy for our fellow humans. Seeing them as ourselves. Or we can forget we are humans & let our ego rule our moments. Alas it is not for naught. A new moment awaits us all with Grace/ A new moment. We can delete our past choices and begin again. We can help others to delete their choices too. So their burden is not so heavy. When we are lighter in ourself then our moments are easier to get together. We are not carrying our yesterday into our now… it was not meant to be this way, I do not believe. Have you ever heard yourself tell a story over and over and over …. does it help or hinder you? This is the kind of moment I refer to as a delete moment. You keep its lesson, but delete its constant reference from your speech/repertoire, it is no longer a reference for you unless it is needed for a very specific purpose. Then and even then… only tell the needed information. Remember, something which hurt, harmed, caused trauma, must be thoroughly put away from you- otherwise it will be like you are constantly pulling a scab off of a wound. It never heals. Let me give a piece of advice on how you detour others who accidentally come upon your wounds. You define your boundaries before they are touched or questioned. You decide how much you are going to share. When you are thoughtful about yourself and your journey, moments become more _____>>>

peaceful. The boundaries you choose thoughtfully become the bridges of unity in advocacy. #ChronicWarrior wisdom, means gained, earned while moving higher, past our moments of chronic is priceless. We, as warriors, have earned lil tools in these moments of crisis. Who better to share them with than our fellow community members? #2By2 in 2018 our advocacy of <now>has the blessing of being able to move around the world in the snap of your fingers. It is truly appreciated by all of us! The ability to be #Worldwide with our advocacy! (With it also comes the wisdom of — step-by-step pause before you post or photo… or even before you reply.. the post you read — the comment you read… it may or may not .., more —> in the may not column …more often .. most often. We read something and it doesn’t mean what we think it means. We are much better served by reflecting before posting or commenting without being sure of a situation. The very best solution is to reach out to someone one on one. Yes call them and ask them how are you? Tell them, what you just read . ….. ask if it meant what you understood it to mean? This way communication is accomplished/the air is cleared. This way our temporary joy is restored. Our journey to Peace in Grace is restored.

#CureGP #TakeABite4GP #Green4GP #TREATMENTS #RESEARCH #QOL #QOC as an advocate #GPReporter

We are grateful to be able to request #Cosponsors in the #USA of our #MotilityBill #HR1187 #FGIMD #IBS #Gastroparesis #CureGP


Facebook TownHall

Capitol Call


requesting cosponsors! Please, use these links to request your Representatives as cosponsors on our #MotilityBill. We would greatly appreciate your help in the #USA You may too! We pray not! #ThereButForTheGraceOfGodGoI #TakeABite4GP our #WorldWide #Empathetic Campaign. If you can take bites, please do so, with a-post/ picture & #TakeABite4GP. If on the other hand you cannot, please post a picture of the bite you would like to take/eat with #TakeABite4GP & your survival tactics for #Surviving your #Chronic with #BrokenGuts

Each of us learn our way. Every single day with Grace. We are forgiven, blessed, and given a bit more Grace to begin again. Joy cometh in the morning or the hour, or the minute. Whichever- whatever- whomever- Thank you 🙏🏼!