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  • Debbie 


I was Reading, Thinking, & Praying

Leviticus 11

3/21/2018 Thinking, reading, praying, contemplating on the Lord’s explanation of what is clean and unclean

It is with this in mind… as I do my Linzess in the background of #MotilityDigestiveDisease #PeaceBoat prayers ..I pray for all #ChronicWarriors their strength. Strength/Healing in every aspect of chronic illness. I pray specifically for our warriors with motility issues who battle daily dehydration and malnutrition their symptoms nausea, vomiting, pain, diarrhea, constipation, (some swinging back & forth between the two) Just as we all have our own DNA, so it is with motility digestive diseases/diagnoses. They vary in degrees, intensity, or number of symptoms from warrior to warrior. As each #GPReporter tells their truth/report they explain their truth. Because,we each vary from one to the other, it seems to place questions about whether we really are ill? When, in actuality, it should increase the understanding of our community.

Why would we say, no I do vomit constantly, but my nausea is debilitating. Or the opposite I vomit .. like projectile vomiting and at times my nausea is bad, but my pain & vomiting are higher on my symptom chart. As is my swelling… some patients will tell you, I do NOT BLOAT! I swell as if I am 6-9 months pregnant in 15 -20 mins. I am bursting out of my cloths like the hulk. They will tell you their stomach is hard and it hurts. They will also tell you, in many cases, that smoking is the only thing which helps them. They cannot throw-up smoke. It alleviates pain and stops vomiting with nausea. I am telling you my Dear Friend’s story. Whom I have been on the phone with while she was on the other end with a cold rag, a bucket, throwing up. While I am speaking, reading scriptures, praying, her setting up her humidifier with “natural” and setting up her medication. While I have never smoked a cigarette nor tried any of this. There is no denying the fact that it helps our community. I am not the only one telling you of a testimony. I am an advocate telling whoever is willing to listen that critical mass should not have to be reached for millions to be listened to/cared about/for … we are each other’s mother’s, father’s, brother’s, sister’s, etc. Not one day should be wasted! Mothers should not be crying themselves to sleep because their children are possibly going to fall through a crack due to cost effective treatments not being enough for our community to do the right thing. Can you imagine the pain of worrying about your child being denied the one treatment available which has been working since they were a teenager? You fought as family to get the treatment way back when she was a teenager. You stood on your Faith, you trusted in your Doctor’s advice, went to the media to garner enough money to cover the cost of procedure, and it wasn’t easy nor was it an easy ride. Yet your Faith was rewarded! Now you need those fruits to once again to produce for your child. Because what we know is? This is everyone’s child! If a heart-pacer becomes infected, they are given the opportunity to heal. They are then scheduled for a new device. Because they know the heart pacer does what nothing else can. Heart patients either need their pacers or qualify for new hearts. When Gastroparesis patients respond to Gastric Electrical Stimulators it is lifesaving and as of right now… we do not have a new stomach protocol which works for all of us. There has been some multiple organ transplants, but their success rate it is in the questionable area…. can you imagine though? Not being offered the opportunity to heal and time to rid your body of infection? So, you would be in optimal condition to receive your lifesaving gastric electrical stimulator? Under what circumstances do you see this as humane treatment?