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  • Debbie 

Noah’s Ark Reflection #FlashbackFriday

As a child playing with my collection of stuffed toys, I often pretended to be on an Ark with Noah. Now, as an advocate, I am joining my friends, family, #GPReporters, fellow advocates, warriors, #ChronicWarriors, #GPWarriors, on a campaign #2By2 in 2018 of advocacy. Every day I begin my day with prayer, meditation and reflection. I do not always blog, but when I do, I try to add my thoughts on my site. I have often stumbled across the thought of the pairing of God’s Grace of humanity, land, and see animals. We all seem to be a reflection of each other if we take time to seek and see.
What I mean is this… an Elephant has a reflection in the sea and in my mind it is perhaps the whale. They are both large. They both represent time and knowledge. I have pondered about whether the manatee might be the equivalent of the elephant. It may yet still be, but part of the fun of the pondering is the questions. See, if we consider this line of thinking there are endless possibilities lying in front of us, all ready to explored. There are no right or wrong answers. Your answers will all be deliciously interesting as will the next person’s expressions, answers, and explanations. Another person’s thoughts are always endlessly interesting. It is in this way, we lift, support, love, empathize, and interact to create bridges of unity.
I am purposely not putting too many of my ideas into this blog entry. This way I do imprint my thoughts over other”s fertile imaginations.