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  • Debbie 

Happiness is Contagious

I think #Optimism #Positivity #Laughter all of these are contagious as well too…..

cogs filled with positivity. Empathy sees, hears, feels what the other person’s thoughts are in every situation. It is what has propelled us toward every good deed over time in our human history. If a man could give birth to his children I think we would have far fewer wars. It is a very different thing in this life to feel life grow in you than to imagine life in you.

Our empathetic journey must be wider and deeper than thus before. We have sought to be better in our human experience. So we must. I have often wondered why some humans hear other humans quite well and are able to place themselves in the shoes of another in relative ease. Then there are others who find this process an unseasonably uneasy process. The progression of the process may be a struggle, but the outcome is very much like a school of fish 🐟 🐠 or a Flock of Geese in Victory

We are the cogs of advocacy in a greater wheel of change for #Cures