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  • Debbie 

In No Way


We must act, speak, feel, see, each moment as if our next breath were our neighbor’s last breath on earth.
Their last breath on earth is our/the only child we are ever going to have nor are they ever going to ever have a child of their own. In no way, must we act in a way which should cause harm.
This is the way, in which we should act, each and every day. Don’t you agree?
In no way, would we create chaos & havoc upon each other, if we found our Grace.
In no way, would we be creating a drama, while Mama’s are seeing babies fight to breathe/live in incurable/invisible bodies.
In no way, would we ever hesitate on a tweet/retweet/like/ share/ regram or whatever such or however we say social media. We would all take the breath for our child.
In no way, can we wait one more day.
(insight.. my chronic has had me offline since last week. I was online briefly last night. So, my news addiction is the internal force behind this #CureGP #2By2 influenced this writing while y’all are the torchlight our #TouchStone Sweet Jesus is lighting out path Amen Selah we are all a light and He is our Strength throughout this journey Alpha Omega. we are NOT Betas! We are NOT Charters!