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  • Debbie 

My Grind

Is there a way to be

Which doesn’t require a lot of energy?

Can we move without physically exerting ourselves?

Can we go to the beach, ride a wave without getting wet?

Can we step onto a trail, hike it into the clouds

Without ever causing a bead of sweat upon our brow?

Would it be possible to see the rosy peaks of Switzerland 🇨🇭

Or see the top of Kilimanjaro?

While feeling the chill of Glacier Park?

Yet in still, stand upon the sands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Suddenly, find myself seeing the coral reef under the water.

Can you see, the sea? Blink your eyes, now you are looking at the Dead Sea.

Now you understand, my Grind. It’s not a unrealistic place.

It’s not a fantasy. It’s a reality.

When you reach out with your mind to accomplish your journey with your body & mind. It is not a fantasy creating a new moment in our bodies. We are changing our physical vital signs. We are using our minds to help our bodies. When we combine biofeedback training with visuals to help us create a change in our journey. It is very very real.