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  • Debbie 

My Chronic Warrior Key / Legend

Here is my Chronic Warrior Legend/ 🔑 key.

It is different for every one of us – I am sure … so I am not using “We”

When you do not hear anything from me… I do not have any energy. I am not mad nor am I angry. I do not have enough energy for those emotions.

I am a person who has never lived with anger, even before my diagnoses. It was not my “way” After becoming chronic it became even louder. I was introduced to biofeedback training to help me with pain management and chronic migraines. To successfully use biofeedback I had to exercise my heart-rate up and down. When bringing the up I had to get agitated.. an unfamiliar emotion. I literally break out with hives when my emotions become agitated regardless of the source.. good, bad, ecstatic, or in peril.. or in anger..a totally unfamiliar emotion.

I practiced the technique to help myself. It has been a priceless benefit to me.

The key to my chronic warrior legend is I am never burdened by my purpose of advocacy nor overwhelmed by anyone who needs a helping hand. No, I am humbled and honored to be a cog of help. I simply do not have the energy to do all I wish to do.

No anger, no burden, no drama, no conflict,

This is my key 🔑 to understand #PeaceBoat Prayers in #Advocacy this year++++. This year we are #2By2 blessed in seeing, hearing, feeling, sharing, connecting with as many chronic warriors as possible.