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  • Debbie 

#ShareASpoonSaturday with #MuchNess

“Forgetting is just forgetting, except when it’s not. Then they call it something else.” The Mad Hatter

When we see the miracles, wisdom, strength, Joy, Peace, Faith, Gentleness, Patience, Love, Kindness, Self-Control, Goodness of His Spirit meeting us in our journey…. we can see, hear, feel, blessed by our journey every moment… how?

Even though I frame my journey in Faith and He Jesus makes my Joy boundless I am not pushing this walk upon every person/Warrior/Group.. this is an individual relationship.

Repeating-> I am NOT pushing this on every warrior… Joy. Peace. Happiness can be seen in every aspect of our lives. If you are facing an obstacle in your life, whether it is an incurable invisible illness? Or an abusive relationship or a burden in your life holding you back from being your total self? Everyone is capable of seeing the beauty in our world & it’s joy whether it be through literature, music, movies, arts, cultural or anything else which sparks our touchstone in our lives! When this spark is ignited? Then our journey becomes more, our “muchness” affirmation is lit up by eons, centuries, ancestors, all stand up together. We are never ever alone if we listen, look, touch our with #Muchness. Are you ready to experience a Journey with Much Muchiness? Regardless of your situation?

It’s everywhere… listen, look (especially when your eyes are closed), touch, anticipate your journey. When jewels are given to you, even from the most unique, unexpected of places, like –>> “Forgetting the pain is convenient. Remembering it, agonizing. But recovering the truth is worth the suffering.” Cheshire Cat

“You were almost there. Almost free from what you fear. You could have been cured, you could have forgotten.” Angus Bumby

“I want to forget! Who would choose to be alone, imprisoned by their own broken memories? Alice Liddel