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  • Debbie 

A Recipe for Hope

A recipe for finding hope in a valley of unknown.

This is not an overnight, snap your fingers, blink of an eye, recipe.
Like the many layers, most of us live with, it is gradually built/earned overtime.

Unknown in the chronic journey includes many moments of uncertainty, a lot of waiting, periods of time without answers. All the while, battling for the care you need to live your life. We who know the chronic journey must find our special sauce recipe of hope to keep our life in balance.
The first ingredient, for those who are faith-based, is their personal relationship with our Lord.
Even when a storm occurs in many/all areas of our lives? So much so we are pushed to the edge of conviction in Faith. Yet, it is our greatest source of strength. It is both spiritual, emotional, and physical.
The accompaniment to our first ingredient is meditation. Whether it is with or without prayer it is extremely effective when combined with another source of known help with chronic issues, like biofeedback (this can be added to acupuncture, physical therapy, or any other help available). I was highlighting the options you can do without stepping out of your home or even off of your couch.
Your input required is research, knowledge, perhaps some training or if you learn well from seeing and hearing, you can begin the biofeedback on your own.
We have priceless resources inside of ourselves.
The second ingredient is research knowledge both from text, offline/online (be careful when sourcing the online option), community of chronic warriors. They often have some small groups who meet together in person at monthly or bi-monthly locations, There are groups online who support and advocate together in closed, secret, or public forums.
The connections made often form friendships of love and support. There are some who face time, Skype, etc. We all encourage going slowly building a foundation of a relationship for friendship speaking on the phone,, face timing, etc. It is better to be slow, wise, cautious than be regretful. The internet is a big world. It is from this worldwide advocacy—> we are making changes, forming bonds of dear friendships, and will ultimately be announcing legislature in the USA, and other changes around the world. We will also someday post about breakthrough cures for the digestive disease disorders, POTS. Milo, Diabetes, Chronic Migraines. I believe our layers are intermingled. Once we begin finding cures to one the doors will begin to unravel for others.
The third ingredient is advocacy. I have already written our concerns regarding online precautions with these in mind? Advocacy is not only a blessing to your personal chronic journey, it will give to you a purpose and a way to contribute to our community. Every contribution made, as an advocate, you receive a beautiful feeling of peace, joy, and fulfillment from the act of advocacy. Regardless of what it was/is it stills gives the same excitement. Advocacy also creates ripples of more advocacy which moment by moment leads to more advocacy aka change.
Thank you for your passion, compassion, support, love, advocacy, and precious time in helping in any way you feel able to do this step. The shares, retweets, likes, regrams, favorites….etc all are of a great help on the road to advocacy.

The fourth ingredient is your happy dance.
The optimist creed says you are to be as happy for anther’s happiness as much or more than your own.
The statement of do unto others as you would have done unto you… Do you see dancing emojis immediately? Proclamations, shared campaigns, events, etc.

We are filled with love, empathy, advocacy, and ready —>
A cloak & hat (you are also wearing a pair of ballet slippers) I see them lit up in gold & silver every time the light ignites their gold and diamond sparkles you hear “Optimistic + Positive words of action and encouragement) Your cloak can be whatever color you choose. I will share, my cloak is the color of beautiful waters. Shades of all the most gloriously toned textured blues turquoises waters around the world. When I twirl around in my cloak (with its two hidden pockets) you hear. MUCHNESS Just as you should.
When we choose to take a higher road, going forward, be a student of positively, optimism, peaceful, encouragement, lifting others, Celebrating each person for their unique qualities and encouraging them to be more of themselves each and everyday. We all rise by lifting our fellow friends known & unknown. Being CHRONICALLY okay means an optimist is in the midst of his/her warrior best on any given moment in an advocacy journey 24-7-365. #WeSeeYou #WeHearYou #WeFeelYou
Please,with your indulgence, share a very important ingredient in the recipe for hope an understanding of how to traverse the labyrinth we face as Chronic Warriors.
The Grace ingredient ix not optional nor easily attained. This type of Grace is gathered over time. When found, it will begin to blossom into another gift. As you use this ingredient, it is not like your typical recipe or life ingredients, it will gift to you a little bit at a time Peace. This Peace will help you give more Grace. The world can be a foggy, foggy confusing place with dehydration, malnutrition & fatigue. We are always doing our very best to create a nutritional pathway to help our bodies be their very best in every aspect. When you combine your best efforts with Grace. When you begin to apply Grace? Do it from a clear heart, without an expectation of a return. Because our spiritual life is not a gambling hall or casino. We do not throw a Grace card with the expectation of a return. If the Grace card is being given only because you think it will have a benefit to you? Then you should go buy lottery tickets or gambling.. I hope you wouldn’t do either of these is my point. We should do good for goods sake. When a person is driving erratically or cutting you off in traffic be Grace. Be Grace instead of being all angry and saying mean words. You may say I am in my own car. Nobody hears, your gut does, and if you believe, God does. Anger, conflict sucks all of your energy right out of you. It also clenches up your guts, your neck muscles, your body, and thereby can trigger a migraine, or throw off your motility. I am sure some of you are familiar with the situation of a woman not having her menses when a stress event happens. There is no way she can be pregnant. How is it understandable that stress can do this, but not translate to motility issues. The fact is they and the stress does impact our bodies whether we fully understand. Not because women are weak! Our bodies are different and thereby I think there is a susceptibility due to our structure.
We do not call men weaker or too deficient, when their heart attack rates were high. It could have been said, but it wasn’t. The time has come to look at each other as human beings, not excuses to be passive aggressive about old gender biases. The high blood pressure, which for years plagued men with their stress levels now impacts women.
We can create change through knowledge. Lets come together with out recipes of hope!