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  • Debbie 

Medical Walmart

#SpoonieSunday #Gastroparesis #CureGP #Tweet_Eat #Empathy #Awareness#worldwide better #treatment #research #QOL #QOC #Cures #diabetes #mito #POTS#CIP #ColonicInertia #ChronicMigraines #Chronic #Illnesses #invisible#incurable layered with multiple diagnoses often, but without multiple successful #treatments #research #statistics leading towards viable solutions to help comorbidity rates often faced by the millions of patients in each of our communities. Our communities overlap with their diagnoses & thereby lead to more unknown statistics. Awareness & action would both help change millions of lives. Mito Action, UMDF(United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation), AGMD(Association of Gastrointestinal Motility Disorders, IFFGD (International Foundation of Functional Disorders),, Gastroparesis Fighting for a Change,, NHO, as well as a few others for specific communities, but not for true estimation of our patients of living with layered diagnoses and the rate of morbidity. For example: how long will a specific patient be expected to live with three -four incurable illnesses with the maximum amount treatments available for him/her, supposing they can get to the best specialists, primary care physician in their area, willing to fight/take the time to fight for them, then we are factoring in that their insurance is not blocking their required best treatment as (the most feared phrase for our community) investigational & experimental treatment. All of which depletes precious time, energy, & strength, & hopefully appeals which are won. Unfortunately sometimes the patient loses their best treatment & creates a loss #QOL #QOL & often loses time. We need everyone to understand time is life. Everyone we interact with is part of our support team.Humanity interacts w/ humans. We have feelings. We all should care about each other. We are not an assembly line of medical care punch card systems. We are human beings caring for each other. #HR1187 #FGIMD #IBS way too many #Incurables if there is not sufficient medical care near our communities is impacts us. We can get to a Walmart, but not to a Dr or successful treatments to keep us w/ enough energy to shop. This is why we need an all-in-one Medical Walmart’s readily available as our local Walmart. Wouldn’t it be feasible to let a portion of every dollar spent pay for the Medical Walmart & it’s Medical pharmacy? I am not a genius, but there has to be an answer to availability. I don’t really want Walmart in charge of healthcare. I want the availability concept applied.
Searching for answers and cures.